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Least expensive places to live in SC


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I think we all know the most expensive places to live in SC, but what are the least? Consider overall cost of living...from services to property taxes to utilities to anything else.

It would even be more interesting to break it down by geographic region (Upstate, Midlands, Lowcountry, Pee Dee, etc) and even by county.

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Its definitely the Pee Dee over all, with the exception of Myrtle Beach. Williamsburg County is my vote for the cheapest place in the State. Lee County may be up there too. I have no facts to back this up though :)

I think in general you will find that the Lowcountry is among the least expensive -as a region- because it has a lot of land area that is not on the coast.. Allendale, Bamberg, etc.

That said, as far as the Upstate goes its really cheap to live in Clemson vs Columbia/USC (though there is a lot more variety/options in Columbia, being a substantially larger city). Cherokee and Union Counties are noteably inexpensive.

The Midlands.... Calhoun and Maybe western Kershaw (the east is going up due to Columbia's sprawl). Saluda County too... I dont know much about that place though.

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