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200,000 sq ft. retail center for South Church Street


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It's great to hear of more retail coming to Murfreesboro. However, this is one shopping center I'll probably rarely, if ever, use. The traffic on South Church St. is just too bad. We'll see though, and it's probably great news for the folks who live down that way.

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I think it's great too, I hope we get some things that aren't already here though like Costco or an oraganic supermarket, those two things, alone, are the reason I make the commute to Cool Springs once a week.

Man...the place is booming with retail....it was just a matter of time. Have all of the improvements to the interstate helped the traffic situation?

Also, have they completed Middle Tennessee Boulevard between Main and Mercury?

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^ For me your first question is a tough one to answer. There's still a lot of construction on 24, but I can already see ahead to what it will mean for Interstate traffic through the area. I think the new exits will be a big help long-term. I don't yet know if the new Medical Center Parkway exit is making an impact on Old Fort Parkway traffic, but I've noticed that traffic on Medical Center Parkway has gotten heavier lately, so I feel more people are using it.

As to your second question, when last I drove by there was still a lot of work to be done on Middle Tennessee Boulevard on the stretch you mentioned. They've come a long way, but there still seems to be a lot of work to be done.

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Won't it be wonderful if we get a train in from the Boro to downtown? That could be a great way to relieve traffic on I-24. Unfortunately, I don't work downtwon. But if I did, you better believe I would be there. Whatever, the cost, it would be worth it to me not to have to sit in traffic. Imagine being able to read, sleep, shave, eat, whatever, on the way to work!

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