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  1. Dallas/Fort Worth I would argue that Dallas and Fort Worth are good models to look at right now. Although they are sunbelt sprawl cities....they do represent a model of how a region can transition to a more urban form. The density level here are higher....and we do not sprawl as much as Nashville...or Atlanta because there are few barriers...such as topo and flood plain. Currently, the City of Dallas and Fort Worth are moving forward to create modern streetcar systems for their respective downtowns to complement the regional rail plan. Completing the regional rail will cost at least $6 billion...but the region is close to reaching an agreement on funding. Links of Interest..... Trinity Railway Express http://www.trinityrailwayexpress.org/ DART http://www.dart.org/ Denton County Rail http://www.raildcta.net/ Tarrant County Southwest to Northeast http://www.sw2nerail.com/ Streetcars for Dallas and Fort Worth http://www.pegasusnews.com/news/2008/jul/1...il-inspiration/ Regional Rail http://www.nctcog.org/trans/transit/planning/rrcs/
  2. Nice baseball stadium. I think going after the sounds is a bad idea.....I like the focus being on MTSU sports.
  3. I think downtown is more active now than I have ever seen in the past.
  4. To build a 40,000 seat arena that can not be expanded in the future is myopic. How does this make sense? Do we know anything about Bettye? From the Bettye Fine Collins website, I found the following: On February 23, 2004, at the Winter Meeting of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee in Montgomery, Alabama, Bettye Fine Collins was re-elected to her third consecutive term as Alabama
  5. FINALLY....... This is good news....and in the end....reduced pollution. The less people in Rutherford County have to drive to Cool Springs or Nashville....the less we aid to local air quailty issues. Now.....The Rutherford Coutny/Murfreesboro deligation to the state need to push for some state offices locating in the boro.....this will cut down on the number of people driving to Nashville to work.
  6. I think a metro government would work well in Rutherford. It would be nice to see Murfreesboro/Rutherford near the same size as Nashville.
  7. Population (year 2000): 68,816. Estimated population in July 2005: 86,793 (+26.1% change) Males: 34,184 (49.7%), Females: 34,632 (50.3%) Median resident age: 28.7 years Median household income: $39,705 (year 2000) Median house value: $121,200 (year 2000) 2005 2000 1990 1980 1970 1960 1950 Rutherford County 218,292 182,023 118,570 84,058 59,428
  8. I wish the city would create mixed-use zoning and push for something different.....like encouraging green development...or something that would make the boro unique....could we be an Athens, GA?
  9. I believe that the City should focus on more dense infill development. Continued attention to mass transit is important. I believe they should continue to build on the greenway system...and do a better job of connecting the system to shopping areas, the university...and residential developments.
  10. NICE>>>>>. Thanks...I miss all of the fall colors.
  11. Does anyone know about these projects? I found it on Bid Clerk (1) Description: Project Documents (0): Site work and new construction for a mixed-use center in Murfreesboro. Plans call for the construction of a luxury hotel, along with a 75,000-square-foot conference center that will house a lobby area, meeting rooms and a multi-purpose room. A firm construction schedule will be established pending approvals. Interested parties may contact the architect (2) Addition to a museum in Murfreesboro. Design plans call for the construction of a 7,000-square-foot expansion on the second floor of an existing, 18,000-square-foot museum to contain additional exhibition space. Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2006. No inquiries are requested at this time.
  12. Now...if they could knock off south carolina....
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