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Photos around Uptown


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Here are some photos around town on the beautiful Saturday that we had.

So, this note was on the staircase of a parking deck I was walking through. Could it be code? The first letters spell out... nah, it's probably nothing.


This is the burned out church that McColl renovated into an art institute:



This is the urban retail across the street:


This is everyone's favorite mod mansion on top of TicToc. A man walking by said "isn't is amazing? Last year, it was just a random storefront, now they built that cool thing on top. This city..."



The new townhouses by the Blvd Co. The green is the wrap before they get the siding on, so don't get any grand ideas about another bright colored residential building.


Here is the rail corridor that connections to Alpha Mill Apartments



You can see both Avenue and Trademark peeking up from the end of the Trolley line at 9th St.


Here is an old warehouse on the tracks that will be likely be torn down for UNCC. Sigh.



Courtside, which is already old for us urban junkies. But it is good to know that lots of people are living in it, creating more vibrancy in that part of town.


Some Budweiser checkers behind Dixies


The feather on top of the sculpture at Imaginon.


The light rail line under construction by Imaginon. It is definitely very crazy that they tore out stuff just put in for that building, like the sidewalk.


A little plaque on 7th Street Station


Look, there is street level retail in the parking decks, it just faces into the deck :)


Bank of America through the Ritz construction fence


112 S Tryon


Trade Street getting the treatments that Tryon has.


Here is a picture of the park at the Square. This gentleman thought I was taking a photo of him. He was excited to tell me it was his day off from the meat factory across from Bojangles. He wanted me to send him a copy there.


Here is a newstand on a Saturday. A few people went there in the few minutes I was there.


Looking up at the slave and the banks


My uptown favorite building, which will be renovated inside for office condos soon.


Bank of America Corporate Center and some caterpillar food in the foreground


Atlrvr's favorite building, with some sort of recycling bin in front.


The Fire Museum in Fourth Ward, with the Vue now advertising on the building next door that they OWN!!



Can's bar in the old cotton mill


The purple-glassed Land Design building


The new Dunkin Donuts




The Citadin sales Center with a number of people inside, hopefully with their checkbooks



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I had typed out a response to this when I saw it last night, but I guess I didn't submit it. Anyway, great photo thread dubone. I am especially glad that you got a good couple of photos of the Church that was rennovated into the artist colony. Most photo tours tend to miss this really great rennovation as it is hard to believe that it was just once a burned out shell with trees growing in. Somehow, unlike a lot of other structures it was never pushed down and we still have it today. Thanks!

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I have never noticed the plaque on 7th Street Station before. This is obviously a clue to the code to make the building light up like crazy by hitting the red panels on the side. Has anyone done this? Can you decipher the code?

I take it that the fish reference means to start at Lavecchia's. Then go east from there and (in roman numerals) tap the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th panel. Then (in binary)the 8th, 6th, 4th, and 2nd going back the other direction. Does this work? I will have to try next time I walk up there!

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Really great (and different) photos... Charlotte's uptown/downtown urbanity seemingly grows daily. As the residential population grows, the other services that may be lacking will come and take up what little slack there remains for a successful central city area.

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