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Ladd Tower


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Thanks for the renderings! I really like the look of this project.

It appears that this is a popular development, over half are already sold and to answer the pricing questions,

this only addresses whats still available as I don't know what the unit prices were for the ones that've already been sold are, but at the one bedroom and thats at about 330k for 900 sq ft and for 2br its at about 750k which to me are over my budget, but apparently the Portland luxury condo boom is still going.

I wonder if there are any concerns with a condo bust in Portland that's been mentioned in other cities like Minneapolis, Miami, etc?

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Ladd Tower's shift to apartments jibes with national trends

An update from the Oregonian on this project, it looks as if the condo slowdown has finally hit Portland, this project is going from all condos to apartments. The project will shift from 200 condo units to about 220 apartments. However, it looks like the whole project is still a go, which is good. This building definetly had some potential.

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