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East Memphis Office Buildings and Towers Pictures.


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Well finally I have enough pictures to start an East Memphis picture thread. These aren't nearly all the office buildings in that area , but they're the main ones. I forgot to upload one picture on to photobucket, but I'll try to get it on here as soon as I can. Here they are. Enjoy! :thumbsup:



The old Eastgate Tower.



The only thing I don't like about this tower is the stupid red thing on top.



Heres my favorite office building in East Memphis the Crescent Center. The lobby inside is really nice.





These are the International Paper Towers. Has IP moved there HQ here yet?


Heres the Renissance Center.


I'm guessing Union Planters used to be in this tower because Regions is the main tenant now.




This is some interesting architecture. It would fit right in in Nashville.



I don't know what the name of this building is, but I like the gold glass.






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A very awesome and in-depth tour of East Memphis. Thanks a lot for taking the time to take such an awesome array of pics from that part of town, a part of town we don't always see a lot of pics from. These were all very good shots IMO.

I like the Crescent Center a lot too, its a pretty awesome building. I also liked getting to see the IP buildings.

Thanks again for starting this terrific thread. :thumbsup:

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Great job. There probably needs to be a few tall residential building to complement the office developments and a few pedestrian bridges over Poplar. With a few changes, I think East Memphis could become a very pedestrian filled and fast paced part of town.

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Thanks a lot for posting these, Fellowman! That is a really good shot of the Hilton, too. From many viewing points around east Memphis it doesn't look like a 100m tower. Another good view is when you're on 240 north just past 385 and you take the Poplar-west exit.

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Here's the pic I forgot. I thought this building was interesting. Its at the northeast corner of Park and White Station.


Thanks for all the great comments!

Another thing about the Crescent Center, I've been to the 5th floor in it, and they got some good views, but unfortunately everytime I went up there I never had my camera with me. <_<

bluff2085: There are also good views of the East Memphis skyline when your driving west on Nonconnah Pkwy from the Riverdale Rd. to Kirby Rd. and ofcourse when your at Shelby Farms. :thumbsup:

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I don't know what the name of this building is, but I like the gold glass.


I don't think this building has a name other than 855 Ridge Lake Boulevard. I believe it was one of the first office buildings constructed in Ridgeway Center...roughly the same time that the Hilton was built. I worked in that building twice, in 1994 and again from 1998-99, when I was employed by ServiceMaster. Some people did refer to it as the "Flashcube Building". I don't know whether ServiceMaster occupies any of that building today.

Did you know that Ridgeway Center used to be the Ridgeway Country Club? The owners decided to sell the land to developers in the early '70s after the I-240 interchange was built and the land became far too valuable for play.

Also...International Paper did officially move their HQ to Memphis a few months ago. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the refered to I.P. as a Memphis company!

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^In Nashville, we have a very similar-styled '70s gold-colored window building located near the old original north entrance to the International Airport off of Briley Parkway.

While I like the pics in the thread, East Memphis has two of the components that tend to set me on edge, cheesy '60s/'70s/'80s architecture combined with "classic" office park. I tend to think of it is precisely what is wrong with regards to urban/suburban commercial development. :sick:

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Even though East Memphis isn't a dense "downtown", its much better than many suburban office districts. East Memphis has an average population density of 2,486/sq mi. Compared to other suburban office developments, East Memphis is pretty dense. Troy (the East Memphis of Detroit) has a density of 2,433/sq mi, and Metro Detroit has 5 times the population Metro Memphis does. Brentwood, suburban Nashville, has a density of 755/sq mi.

Even though East Memphis isn't a role model for urban development, its certainly better the mistakes other cities have made. It was starting to develop in the 1970's so I guess you can say, it was smart for that era. They're starting to run out of space so the only way to build is up!!!

I doubt we'll see street lined shops along Poplar, but I still have hope for the feeder roads in the area. How about the Southwind area? I would imagine that the Southwind's office space is occupied by now. They were also building another corporate park near the Mike Rose Soccer Complex. I believe these are gonna be your run of the mill sprawly office complexes

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