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Whats your favorite evening news anchor


Reflecting the past and present, what anchor would you prefer watching for the national news?  

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  1. 1. 1980s through the mid 2000s

    • Tom Brokaw - NBC
    • Peter Jennings - ABC
    • Dan Rather - CBS
    • Neither
  2. 2. Present

    • Brian Williams - NBC
    • Charles Gibson- ABC
    • Bob Schieffer - CBS

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well, i really liked jennings... those are hard shoes to fill. but, i got to say i loved elizabeth vargas... which is weird b/c i don't really like her on that lame show 20/20. when she co-anchored ABC world news, she was great.... but she had to go and get knocked up. i also liked bob woodruff... i hope he rehabilitates and is able to return.

my all time favorite is jon stewart. :)

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