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Why isn't the Meanwhile open yet, #$@#$%!!!!????


We seem to be getting that question quite often these days (as always, your interest, excitement and patience is fantastic!!!)... So here's the scoop:

Construction is wrapping up! Just a little trim here and a cabinet door there, some bathroom partitions to put in place... Marcus, Mike Saunders, Mike Campbell, April, Dylan, Cousin Rick, Victor Fix the Sun, Justin, Jon and others have been pitching in to get us through this home stretch. So big, big thank yous are in order! (Without a lot of cash, one must depend on the friends!)

Next step is the inspections: three of our favorite government entities need to come through to make sure the space is safe enough for all of you future patrons: the Liquor Commission, the Health Department and the Fire Marshall. This is the last step folks! (I'm told by reliable sources.) We're hoping to get these reps in within the week. So say a little prayer that the state government won't shut down on October 1st!!!

For a sneak peek of the final renovations, come down to Wealthy Street on October 4th between 4 and 8pm. The Wealthy Street Business Alliance has organized an "Autumn Stroll" of which the Meanwhile will be taking part. So come meet some of our new staff, pick up some merchandise, and say hello!

Look for an article in the October Recoil featuring The Meanwhile, with some super sweet photos by Katy Batdorf (aka Shutter Speed). We've also got some likely media coming from Music Revue, GR Press, and GR Business Journal.

Finally, remember our website (www.meanwhilebar.com) and how about becoming our friend on that My Space type deal?

Grand Opening date will be set the minute our government friends give us those oh-so-crucial papers to hang on our wall.

See you soon!!!



the meanwhile bar

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