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random photos of winnipeg


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Nice looking city! I know someone from Winnipeg, and hear about it for various reasons quite often, but I've hardly seen any photos of it. Thank you for these, 1ajs! How is Winnipeg doing these days? Rapid growth? Decline?

were some where in the midle but this city is not doing to bad i gues just need to get somone into the mayors chare who has vission for this city and to get rid of some of the troll city counclers......... its an election year btw

lives just north of downtown in north point douglas basicaly one of the origonaly niebhoods in the city a hiden gem nestled in a bend of the red river

took this lastnight


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ledgeslative building


concert hall


red river coledge downtown campas


canadian weat board...


union tower western canadas first skyscraper :P



old market square at lunch


worlds most advanced hydrogen fuel cel bus (Newflyer)

on side note winnipeg is the bus manufacturing capital of the world :P


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