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Burj Khalifa/Burj Dubai Update


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Hi all.

Here is a link to pics from 08 02 12.

116 pics of the Burj and 20 or so of the area. All new to my collection. Various angles and shots from the structure. Keep hitting next page even when it appears that the Burj pics have ended and more pages of Burj pics come up.

Here is a taste - I won't post many as these are 2 months old - in case some here figure this is the "only post pics from today" thread.

Those interested in more follow the link above.

The entrance lobbies are quite tall.


These are always interesting.


The interchange is coming along.


Thanks to fellow SSC forummer Darth Shemp for finding this for us.


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Hi all.

In regards to the floorcount of the Burj Dubai.

They initally dug a huge 15 m. deep hole so the lower levels are below the level of the ground. The floor count starts from the ground level which is 4 levels and 15.25 m. above the foundation raft (counting the unused raft level).

Here is part of my plan to help clear things up.



The floorcount is as follows and does not count the 4 lower levels:

- 160 levels

- Add 6 - for Ground level, 155 mezz., 158 mezz., 160 mezz., 160 mezz. 2, and 160 mezz. 3. (level 1 is actually the second level)

- Subtract 4 - for skipped levels 41, 74, 110, and 137.

= 162 levels - the top of which is 630.5 m.

The rest of the structure to 818.0 m. has stairs, ladders (internal), and platforms right to the top. (818.0 does not count the lower levels or the handrail and aircraft beacons on the top platform)

Arabian Business has a special report section on the Burj. Many articles, a timeline, etc. There is 8 new articles from 08 04 20 on MEP for the Burj.


MEP shots from Arabian Business.








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Hi all.

Flickr - thibautdelestre- 08 04 23








So we must have passed 40,000,000 manhours on this thing by now - wow and over 7000 workers - wow again.

Also probably within a week for the first column of the first section of tier 19 and the tallest manmade structure in history at 649.7 m. from grade (to the top of the column). The first section of tier 19 will have a terrace facing North (tier 18 roof or setback ).

It will be interesting to see the next 3 setbacks as the following 3 face the same direction - namely 0, 120, and 240 degrees. Up untill now the following round of 3 have been 60 degrees different from the previous 3 since tier 12.

So cool to be able to "watch" this structure being built. Thanks to all the contributors.


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Hi all.

Here is another in my plan comparison showing tier 18 top and the levels (I have one for the top of each tier as the structure reached that point - also the 4 that compare directly to the plans up to the top of the concrete) using one of Imre's great shots - cropped, rotated, and blown up.




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Hi all.

There is talk now that the official measurement may include the 1.1 m. handrail on the top platform and start from the Concourse Level 6.0 m. below the Ground Level which is the starting point in all the construction plans.

Each of the three sides has an entrance on a different level. The construction plans say 818.0 m. - floor of the Ground Level to the floor of the top platform.

Here is the 3 entrances with the total heights (including the top handrail) if they measured from the floor of that level.

- Entrance to hotel lobby - faces Zone C / 0 degrees - is at Level 1 - 815.1 m.

- Entrance to Residence lobby - faces Zone B / 240 degrees - is at Ground Level - 819.1 m.

- Entrance to Boutique office lobby - faces Zone A / 120 degrees - is at Concourse Level - 825.1 m.

Here is a partial print of the Ground Level and Levels B1 and B2 parking layout diagrams. I just took screenshots of them - not posted before.




What I wouldn't do for the complete set of blueprints for this thing.


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Hi all.

Hi satalac - room is just not an issue - I would make room. :rolleyes:

Here is a shot from Deviantart - Meldoux - 08 05 23.

Thanks to Darth Shemp for finding this and many other great shots there !

Thumb - as it is large.


Nice to have visual confirmation of the last record breaking height by the Burj Dubai. 649.7 m. ( yes I know the column actually sticks up above the 6.4 m. high horizontal beams of the first section of tier 19 AND they may be measuring from the Concourse Level when they do the official measurement BUT I am sticking to the plans for now )

The tallest man-made structure in history !!!

Lots of uncharted territory to venture up into now.


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Hi all.

I have re-worded my Tier Methodology so it is easier to understand the terraces / roofs of the wings. I also saved it in PDF format as not all have Word.

Bikes has kindly updated his site with the new version. Go to www.burjdubaiskyscraper.com and have a look around as it is THE best site out there for Burj Dubai info and pics. See the facts page for my stuff and many others' contributions.


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