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Burj Khalifa/Burj Dubai Update


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Every time I see a picture of this thing, I think to myself "This can't possibly get much taller" and then I check back a couple weeks later, and it has! Incredible.

Thanks for posting all these pictures Fury! :thumbsup:

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Hi all.

Happy to do it torgo.

Another milestone of sorts - top of tier 19 - 662.5 m.

Tier 20 will begin with a terrace facing 120 degrees.

Here is confirmation that the steel tier heights are sticking to the plans. I was reading through some PDF's and one on the tower cranes has an interesting bit of info.

The mast sections for the Favco cranes are 4.000 m. high. Each has 2 "sections" 2 m. high so it makes it easier to compare with the tier heights.

The masts are supported at the top of each tier ( so far ) so that also makes it easy to see the tier heights.


Thanks to Imre for the pic.


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Hi all.

Picasa - 08 07 04

0807042hz6.th.jpg 080704kk6.th.jpg

The first columns of tier 20 can be seen - 668.9 m. tall now. This tier starts with a terrace that is the roof of tier 19 wing facing 120 degrees.

I'm liking the fact that on the crane masts they are putting a red section at the top of each tier - makes it alot easier to both estimate the height and the date on undated shots. The cladding progress really helps on the undated shots also.

It will be interesting to see if the start of the jacking proceedure will start in this tier.


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Hi all.

Webshots - MandjinDubai - 08 07 05 - Thanx to Darth Shemp for finding these


1ju8i58013tbg4sdch_thumb.jpg gyx4kotrp2dxmx87g6f_thumb.jpg

Picasa - Malgorzata - 08 07 11



The cladding has reached the top of the concrete.

Soon to see the first columns of section 2 of tier 20 by the looks of it.


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Hi all.

Here is another pic to plan comparison as we have reached the top of another tier. Thanks to fellow SSC forummer OTR for the shot.


The next section is the first of tier 21 and will have a terrace/setback facing 240 degrees.

Here is a crude shopped print of the floor/start of tier 21 showing the terrace on the left. I had to shop it up as I didn't have a print of this. We can see the smaller wings that face the same directions as the wings of the previous 3 tiers. This is the only time this happens from tier 12 to the top as any other set of 3 terraces is rotated 60 degrees from the next set of 3.


After the setback tier 21 continues up symetrically with 3 wings. Here is another crude shop of the start of tier 22 ( again I had to make one ) that shows the shape and size of the 19.2 m. high tier 21.


Tier 21 should be interesting with the major change in both the size and layout of the structural members that is starting in section 20B. They will also have to either start building the pinnacle ( that starts in section 20B ) or leave room for it in the middle so they can build and lift it later. I'm thinking the latter - we shall see.

Great time for us skyscraper fans - watching the structure of a lifetime grow.


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Hi all.

I have made version 4 of my Burj Dubai Plan. I added the spire sections for tiers 18 to 23, made some wording changes, and added a few prints. Minor changes but if anyone is interested go to http://www.burjdubaiskyscraper.com/ on the facts page to get it.

I highly recommend that everyone check out and support this site. It is bar none - the best source of pics and info on the Burj Dubai.


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Hi all.

Here is a shot of a detail print showing the construction sequence for sections 22A and 22B - the second and third section of tier 22.


We can see that the plan is to erect tiers 21 and 22 before they start the jacking proceedure. So 4 more sections after the one they are working on now - unless they have changed the plan of course.

Should be interesting.


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Hi all

Flickr - Rudi Poletto - 08 09 29


One wing (of two) is up on section22A giving us 713.7 m.

SSC - OTR - 08 10 03



We can see the wing of sections 22 and 22A at the top. Also some of the pinnacle sticking up (the big round pipe). The plan is (was) they will add to the top of what is sticking out - lower - repeat. When the top platform is welded to the top of tier 30 they will jack some 60 m. Then erect tiers under what is already jacked and jack the whole works into position - another ~ 60 m. After that they will erect the other wing for tier 22 (if they don't erect it before jacking) and the one wing for tier 23.

Then the crane disassembly proceedure. The main crane on top will self lower to the bottom of its mast. The blue recovery crane that can be seen in OTRs pic above will then disassemble it and lower it to level 99 terrace where the crane there will lower it to the ground. A small recovery crane will then be erected and it will disassemble the blue recovery crane and lower it to level 99 where it will be erected so it can take the level 99 main crane down to the ground. The small recovery crane on top will be disassembled by hand and taken down to level 99 in an elevator where it will be erected to take the blue recovery crane to the ground. Last the small crane will be taken down in an elevator.

The plans I have are well over a year old so most likely they are still going to follow them but there may be some minor variations to some proceedures. We will have to wait and see.

Here is some of the pinnacle laying at the bottom waiting to be put up. Thanks to OTR for these shots as he was caught and acosted by the security and held for 2 hours.



The next few months are going to be interesting with the jacking proceedure taking place at the top of what is already the tallest manmade structure in history (by over 50 meters already).


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Hi all.

The more I study the lifting proceedure we have the more I can't wait to see how they do it. It seems some things so far are not following that plan exactly.


- It shows an opening on the oposite side from the main crane as part of the spire void. Thing is they have cladded there.

- It shows a loading stage at the start of tier 16 where the opening is supposed to be. A platform sticking out from the side of the structure. None there but I guess they could put it up later.

- It shows a temp. working stage at the start of tier 19. Again a platform sticking out - none there (yet ?).

- It shows the top of the crane mast at the start of tier 21. Right now it is 2 crane mast sections (8 m.) above the start of tier 22. Hmmmmm.

- It shows the one big wing of tier 20 to be built after jacking. It is already built as are all 3 wings of tier 21 and 1 of the 2 wings of tier 22 (2 sections so far). Being the crane is higher than the plan I guess they will build the the 1 wing of tier 23 after jacking

- It shows the total lifting height at 112.0 m. from the concrete to part way up section 21B. The top of the lifting wheels we saw going in are part way up section 21B so that is to plan.

- It shows the primary lifting block of 110.3 m. from part way up section 21B to the top of the structure. This will probably be the case (?)

-It shows a secondary lifting block of 76.3 m. and 3 attachment blocks of 57.6 m. The attachment blocks are the wings that extend up to tiers 21, 22, and 23. I'm can't tell if they were to be attached before or after jacking in the plan but all of one, all but 3 sections of another, and all but 4 sections of the other are in place now.

Anyway looking closer at the jacking plan and the revised schedule there appears to be more like 6 jacking stages for a total of 112.0 m. I have been saying 2 stages of ~ 60 m. but I don't think that is correct. I still don't really know one way or the other as it all comes down to interpreting a plan drawing that doesn't lay it out in black and white and is well over a year old to boot. Here is part of the revised schedule showing 6 stages.


The apparent lack of an opening somewhere just above the concrete is disconcerting. They could always take a brace out when needed - perhaps they wanted it in place while erecting and welding the levels or sections above. The plan no matter how they may change it requires an opening so they have a way to get materials in so they can add to the bottom of what is already jacked. I can't see any other way to carry out the jacking plan.

On another note.

Time for some BD Cranes 101. This info is from plans - I can't see the model numbers on the actual cranes in any pics but I'm fairly sure they followed this.

Here is a table that answers pretty much every question ever asked in here.


TC#3 - Favco M220D - 11 ton - was the crane on the North side that was disassembled in sept '07 and put up on level 99 in Nov. '07 as recovery crane #2 (RC#2). Its mast is narrower at 2.0 by 2.0 m. where the other 2 masts are 2.4 by 2.4 m. but all are 4.0 m. high. The sections of the bigger 2 cranes weigh 4 tons.

TC#2 - Favco M380D - 25 ton - is the one being disassembled right now. It faced 240 degrees and it is done working on this structure.

TC#1 - Favco M440D - 25 ton - faces 120 degrees and will complete the top of the structure. It will be up for months yet. When finished it will self lower down to the bottom of its mast.

RC#1 - Favco 242R is the smaller blue crane just recently put up on level 159. It will be used to lower TC#1 down to level 99 where RC#2 will lower it to the ground.

RC#3 - Favco SDD3/10 is the "tiny" crane that will be put up on level 159 to lower RC#1 to level 99 and then be taken down in an elevator to level 99.

RC#1 will be put up on level 99 to lower RC#2 to the ground.

RC#3 will be put up on level 99 to lower RC#1 to the ground then will itself be taken down in an elevator.

Between the jacking proceedure and the crane disassembly proceedure there is some interesting times ahead.

On a third note.

As per the revised schedule we have from 07 02 26 :

- Begin jacking proceedure 2nd week of July '08 - We are near 3 months behind schedule right now.

- Top out 3rd week of Sept '08. Approx 10 weeks after jacking begins.

- Structure finished and begin crane recovery proceedure - 2nd week of Dec. '08. Approx 12 weeks after top out.

- Project completion - Aug 16 '09. Approx 8 months after the structure is finished.

So the longer it takes to start jacking the more behind we will get. After they get started unless they find a way to go faster than the schedule top out may not be this year. The crane disassembly may not be before April '09.

Project completion may not be effected as much by the delays at the top of the structure but I'm sure it will be delayed perhaps a month or two. That is providing the inside work is going good.


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Hi all.

Here is a shot from Imre - 08 10 19


Here is a shot from DennisS - 08 10 22


The top of tier 30 (the top tier) is above section 22B (the highest erected section so far) by ~10m. The top of section 22B is 720.1m. so we are at ~730m. right now. The tier 30 pinnacle we can see at the top has some of the fins attached. The top platform should be added on top of tier 30 soon. After that the staged jacking proceedure can begin. It will be in stages so they can attach fins to the pinnacle tiers 27 to 30 and so they can attach the small wings of tiers 24 to 26. The total jacking height will be ~90m. taking the top of tier 30 to 818.0m. Top out should be before year end if all goes according to plan. The larger wing of tier 23 and the rest of the second wing of tier 22 will be erected after jacking is complete. The year and a half old schedule I have had top out half way through Sept. so we are approx. 3 months behind that schedule. Not sure if the later top out will effect the planned completion date of August '09.


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