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Burj Khalifa/Burj Dubai Update


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Hi all.

I see all 7 fins are on tier 30 pinnacle. The temporary welding platform to weld the 2 halves of tier 30 together was in the way of 2 fins but with it gone they have attached them.

The fins are 2.135m. long and are set on the pinnacle every 3.2m. rotating 30 degrees counter-clockwise as they descend. The top fin faces 120 degrees (and the crane) and is just below the top of tier 30. When the top platform is welded on, the top of the fin almost touches the floorplate. The fourth fin down is 90 degrees rotated from the top fin and is half way down tier 30. The 7th fin down is at the bottom of tier 30 and is rotated half way around the pinnacle from the top fin.

Tier 29 has 3 fins continuing the rotation. The 10th fin down is at the bottom of tier 29 and is rotated 3/4 around the pinnacle from the top fin.

Tier 28 has 3 fins. The 13th fin down is at the bottom of tier 28 and faces the same as the top fin - the descending fins have completed a full rotation of the pinnacle.

Tier 27 has 3 fins. The 16th fin down is at the bottom of tier 27 and has continued the counter-clockwise rotation another 90 degrees for a total of 1 and 1/4 rotations from the top fin.

Tier 26 has 3 fins. The 19th fin down is at the bottom of tier 26 and faces 300 degrees (opposite the top fin). The fins have rotated a total of 1 and 1/2 times around the pinnacle. Tier 26 has one wing facing South (180 degrees) so only 2/3 of the pinnacle is exposed.

Tier 25 has 2 wings facing 60 and 180 degrees so only 1/3rd of the pinnacle is exposed facing 300 degrees. There is only 1 fin in the top third of the tier that continues the counter-clockwise rotation another 30 degrees. So there is 20 fins in total rotating 570 degrees around the pinnacle.

On another note;

Rogers wireless put up a freestanding tower recently that I can see from my place. I went there to take a look today. The company that put it up was there doing some grouting and finishing up wiring, etc. I talked at length to the head guy and my suspicions were confirmed. When I first saw the tower I thought that it must be close to the dimensions of the pinnacle of the Burj Dubai. This tower is 4 sections of decreasing diameter like our pinnacle - not exactly the same, as the bottom of this tower is not quite 2.1m. dia. but the top section is close to 1.2m. The guy didn't know the diameters but he did know it is 180 feet high. Our pinnacle (tiers 27 to 30) is 49.9m. or 164 feet high.

It is cool to have a 4 section tower close to the same height and decreasing diameter as our pinnacle so close to where I live. This tower is the second tallest structure in my city. It must be because of its small diameter but standing beside it lookin up - it looks freaking tall !

Now when I imagine the bottom of it at 768.1m. high as it is on the Burj I am just blown away !! It must be fantastic for all the guys in Dubai that can stand near the Burj and marvel at its height in person. This small tower for me has really brought things into perspective. We throw around numbers in the 800 meter range here in this forum like nothing but this thing is definitely a "must see before I die" - simply staggering.

Anyway I am a numbers guy and needless to say had to put the Burj into my conversation with the guy I was talking to. He hadn't even heard of the Burj. I rattled off numbers to the guy for a while untill I noticed the look on his face was such that he thought I was either a bullcrapter or if nothing else that I wasn't quite right.

Now every time I look out the window this tower will remind me of the Burj - as if my mind isn't saturated with it already. Also when the Burj is completed and I have some good pics of it in its entirety I will be able to use this small tower compared to the pinnacle of the Burj to show people (and remind myself) how tall it really is.


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Hi all.

Here is a more recent jacking "plan". I wish it was clearer but it is what it is ...


This looks more acurate to what is actually happening on the structure.

The tiers from 16 to 26 can be made out on the right side. The pinnacle tiers 27 to 30 are not marked off. The crane is shown at ~section 22A which is the height it is right now - as I said ages ago it is high enough to finish the structure and does not need to rise any more.

The 5th drawing shows section 23B erected - which is not up yet on the structure but will be before jacking going by this. It also shows section 22 of the wing facing the crane up and if we look at the last drawing sections 22A and 22B of that wing will be erected after jacking.

Heres the one questionable thing. The pinnacle is at the height of the 6th drawing right now but section 23B is not up right now. Also we know that the pinnacle has not been jacked yet because in previous shots we saw that pieces were welded on top of what was there to get us to this height. Also we know that with the top of the pinnacle at 730m. the base of the 142.7m. long pinnacle pipe is right near the bottom of tier 16, not at the top of it as is shown in drawing 6. It is possible that this is an oversight or that this plan is from the 808m. design which would still make the base ~10m. too high in the drawing.

In drawings 9, 10, and 11 we can see the small wings of tiers 24, 25, and 26 being attached between jacking stages. The cladding and any fins will also be done before the next jacking stage.

After jacking as noted above the last 2 sections will be erected, all connections to the jacked pieces will be completed, and the cladding will be finished.

This plan is confirmation on what a few of us thought must have been revised from the earlier jacking plan we have. That earlier plan showed platforms that are not on the structure and the crane lower than what it is now among other discrepencies.

So (as long as they haven't revised this plan too much ...) once they put up section 23B jacking should begin shortly there after.

Top out may not be by year end but should be only a few weeks into '09 - we shall see.


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Hi all.

Pinnacle/Spire jacking has started today.

The pinnacle has been jacked approx. 12 meters.

08 12 14 before jacking - pic by Dennis from SSC


08 12 14 after jacking - pic by OTR from SSC


Word is, the most recent revision of the jacking plan has 8 stages in 5 to 6 weeks. They will add fins and/or wings as needed between stages. All the fins of tier 30 are on now as it has been exposed for some time now. They have jacked enough for tier 29 to be exposed and it needs fins yet. Depending on what sections they are going to work off they may jack more before adding fins or just add fins to tier 29 now. There is some indications that some cladding needs to be done before the pinnacle is jacked so far as to impeed the crane from reaching where it needs to get to.

We are now at ~742m.


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Hi all.

Holy Smokes !!!

The fins have been done inside where we can't see. I guess there was room. .

As I posted yesterday they may jack 30m. and stop to install fins. Since all the fins are on there is no need to stop there. By the looks of the various angles (nice shots guys) every fin is installed.

It looks to me they jacked enough so tier 26 is just above the large temp. platform on top of section 22. They will surely stop and add the one small wing on tier 26 and clad it ?

Then jack untill tier 25 is exposed and stop to add the 2 small wings.

Then jack untill tier 24 is exposed and stop to add the 3 small wings.

Then jack to top out and add the 2 sections left of the second big(ger) wing of tier 22, the small wings of tier 22(1) and tier 23 (2), and connections to finish up.

There will probably be more stages but these are the major ones the way I see it - we shall see.

The top access platform still looks unfinished without the handrail and BMU monorail but perhaps I should stop flogging that dead horse ...

Here is some of OTR's shots from SSC:

- with some labels


- showing where the one small wing of tier 26 will go


It looks to me that approx. 6m. of tier 29 is above the top beams of section 23B. So 739.3 + ~6.4 + 21.3 + 1 (for the beacons) = 768m. or 2520 feet. Yet another fantastic new record in the history of man made structures.

Top out should be in Jan. '09.

Great time to be a skyscraper watcher/fanatic.


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Hi all.

A pic from Imre from SSC from today.


Wow they added that tier 26 wing fast. They must have them ready to go down on the podium.

They have jacked some more tonight - enough to put on the 2 wings of tier 25. We are at approx. 778m. now.

Shot from OTR from SSC tonight.


Here is a print showing where the 2 wings are on tier 25 - the crane is at the bottom of the print. Remember the print is called tier 26 start because the roof of one of the wings is a terrace at the start of tier 26 then continues up with one wing. I am using it to show the shape of tier 25.


Here is my Tier Methodology to help with the complex arrangement of tiers and setbacks/terraces.

The_Tier_Methodology_of_the_Burj_Dubai.pdf (8 KB)

OK - I have discussed the issue of posting problems with the source of the new spire jacking plan. He says OK to post so here it is. Just as much info and detail as the original jacking plan we have but this is the latest revision.

Thanks source - you know who you are !!!

plan_spire_erection_3.jpg (1.9 MB)

If the wings are all ready down below we may have top out toot sweet - perhaps before year end or shortly into the new year.


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Hi all.


nholtra - 08 12 18

08_12_18_106_aerial.jpg 08_12_18_109_aerial.jpg 08_12_18_108_aerial.jpg 08_12_18_107_aerial.jpg

Del's1 - 08 12 19


I would like to clear up some confusion regarding the prints I used on this page of my plan.


You can see the doors to terraces that are the top of a wing from the tier below. The start prints I chose only have the wing with the terrace at the very start and above that that wing is not there.

- A print of "tier 26 start" shows the single wing of tier 26 and the top of the second wing of tier 25 that is the terrace for the start of tier 26.

- A print of "tier 26" shows only the single wing of that tier.

Here is something that will help to illustrate.


We should see the next jacking stage right away to expose the part of the pinnacle pipe that will be tier 24 (approx. 10m.).


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Hi all.

The jacking is going fast - gotta like it. They have jacked enough to expose the part of the pinnacle pipe that will be tier 24.

My estimate is 789m. to the top of the beacons.

Here is a labelled shot from OTR showing the 30m. left to be jacked.


Next they will attach the 3 wings of tier 24. Two of them will be directly below the 2 wings of tier 25 making continuous wings. The third is on the opposite side of the pipe from the crane so it will be interesting to see them place it.

After that they will jack again but how much remains to be seen.

- They may jack the remaining 30m. in 2 more stages so they can attach the 2 small wings of tier 23 half at a time (top half - then jack again - then bottom half).

- They may jack the 30m. in one stage as the crane can reach above tier 23 to do the wings. Also the small wings are partly integrated with the larger wing that is already erected so they may want to attach the small wings with the jacking completed and the pipe in place beside the larger wing.

Either way only 1 or 2 more jacking stages and we will be topped out. I don't think the structure will be taller than the 818.0m. by the plans (which is the same as the 818, 819, 824, or 825 by the CTBUH measurement after completion).

After top out there is the one small wing and 2 sections of one of the 2 larger wings of tier 22 (and the 2 small wings of tier 23 if they don't do them before top out). With all that and cladding to lift up I think the crane will be up for a few months of '09 - we shall see.

Top out by new years eve ?

If they have the rest of the wings ready to go - and they probably do - even if there is 2 more jacking stages it may just be possible ...


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Hi all.

Here is the newest schedule I have - I think less than a year old. The one that I had been using was from 07 02 26. This new one doesn't show the date of the schedule at the top.

plan_schedule_2008.jpg (2.0 MB)

They are at least a month behind this schedule in regards to top out. Also this schedule shows a completion date of 09 10 31 - the latest word I've heard is the completion date is 09 12 20 and some say even that is unrealistic.

Happy holidays all.


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Hi all.

We are at 800.0 meters !!!!!

Here is my reasoning using a labelled shot from OTR from SSC.


All 3 wings of tier 24 are up as they had to be before this stage of jacking. I would have liked to have seen a shot of them placing the wing on the other side of the pinnacle pipe from the crane.

Tier 23 has the one larger wing that has been up for some time now. The one small wing is on the opposite side of the pinnacle pipe from it. It will be continuous with the wing of tiers 24 and 25 that face the same direction. There is one side (or one half) of 2 small wings that go between the larger and the small wing that I would think would be added after top out but we shall see.

So attach the top ~10m. of the one small wing, jack ~10m., attach the bottom ~10m. of the small wing, and jack to top out.


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Hi all.

Here is a couple of timetables I have finally finished.

The first is one for the concrete tier tops. The dates are close but approximate as one must estimate what level is at the top of the forms The dates are when the forms were raised to that level. The heights are from the floor of the ground level (as per the plans) to the top of the core wall being formed.


The second is for the steel levels / sections. Again the heights are from from the floor of the ground level (as per the plans) to the top of the beams which are the floor of the next level / section.


I have a third one on the go for the spire / pinnacle jacking stages also. I will post it once we have topped out.


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Hi all.

Here is a labelled shot from Imre. This is a day for the history books guys.

We are Topped out !!!


This has been a fantastic structure to watch grow and even though it will not grow any more there is lots of work to do yet.

- Finish up tier 22 sections.

- Finish attaching the small wings of tiers 22 and 23 to the pinnacle pipe.

- Finish all the cladding.

- Do the crane disassembly proceedure.

- Finish all the work at the base.

- Do all the interior finish and fitout.

We still have near a year to go before completion. I hope site visits are allowed again so we can see some of that interior work.


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Hi all.

Here is a timetable for the jacking proceedure.


Here is my set of pic to plan comparisons - complete now as of today's top out.







Here is a link to a zip file containing my Burj Dubai Plan and Tier Methodology containing plan heights, concrete pours, tier arrangements, etc. to help peek in behind Emaar's ludicrous (at this point) veil of secrecy.

BD_Plan_and_Methodology.zip (1.4 MB)

What a magnificent structure.


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Hi all.

Here is 3 scans from Adrian Smith's book showing the Concourse level, Ground level, and level 1 podiums. Some of the drawings are cut off as I am using a flat panel scanner on a 600 page book. They are large so click on them to see full size.





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Thanks for the continuous updates on this! This tower is quite the feat of engineering that will likely not be rivaled for some time. I feel for the city though to have so much development and to have the markets collapse from underneath them all of a sudden. Hopefully the city can continue to rise through this.

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There are several articles written recently that talk about how horrifically bad this project is and for that matter how bad that most of the projects in Dubai are. It's completely unsustainable, and all of this would not be possible without the assistance of tens of thousands of "invisible people", essentially economic slaves, that live in several awful slave cities about 20-40 miles outside of Dubai.

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There are several articles written recently that talk about how horrifically bad this project is and for that matter how bad that most of the projects in Dubai are. It's completely unsustainable, and all of this would not be possible without the assistance of tens of thousands of "invisible people", essentially economic slaves, that live in several awful slave cities about 20-40 miles outside of Dubai.

while i've been in awe at the speed and grandeur that dubai is being built, i have my concerns as well. i'm just not seeing how this city will be able to sustain all of these projects. i'll be interested to see what the vacancy rates of these projects will be 10 years from now. and of course there is the issue of who is actually building these projects and the conditions which they live and work.

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Hi all.

The crane disassembly proceedure plan is (was) as follows. The revision so far is that the crane at level 99 is the Favco M220D that was on top on the North side that was taken down in Aug '07 and put up on level 99 in Nov '07 instead of an Ogawa.

The first slide is just to show the 3 tower cranes.

TC #1 at the bottom is the last of the 3 that is up there now.







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Hi all.

burjdubaiskyscraper - Tony Montana

09 05 20


09 05 25






I am quite surprised to see how much landscaping is still left to be done. I figured podium zone A (the side facing the lake - with the crane above) would still have lots to do being it is the staging area for the top crane. These pics show all 3 sides have alot left to be done. Great shots though, showing there is some landscaping features coming along.


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Hi all.

I found something interesting in my pile of BD info.

First I would like to mention that I am utterly amazed at the planning that goes into big projects like this. I believe project management and planning is something I could really enjoy.

Anyway - here is the first lines of the milestones and work to be done schedule. It is for the 705 meter revision (the last revision before the current one) and is from April '07. What amazes me is there is approx. 350 "pages" this size in this schedule ! It includes every and anything from concrete work to painting to handover dates. Fricken enormous thought process !


The shop drawing submittal alone must be a gigantic collection. The staffing schedule for near 10,000 people must be huge. The cashflow is something I have and is an extremely detailed collection of pages on its own. The construction method statement I also have and is hundreds of pages in various PDF files. Too bad they are all for the old revision. These are just the items from this "page" - needless to say there are many other big areas of planning. I could go on but suffice to say the amount of people and thought that goes into getting ready for a project of this size, let alone actually doing it, are bloody enormous.

We can see that over 2 years ago the estimated opening date for the hotel was May 09 '09. Of course we now know it is set for 09 09 09 as part of the soft opening (and probably the only part of the structure that will be part of the soft opening). So that is 4 months behind the schedule of 2 years ago.

The interesting estimated date is the completion of the whole of the works and the above level 42 handover. 2 years ago the date was Feb 14 2010. I find it questionable that the hotel opening is 4 months behind and completion is 3 months ahead of schedule ( Dec 20 '09 is the latest word for the grand opening). Although it's anyone's guess I seriously wonder whether the grand opening date will be met. Also there must be a month or so between completion and opening.

To sum up - the estimated opening date from 2 years ago was around Mar '10 and Emaar was saying much earlier all along ... but I digress.

I think we could see an opening date well into 2010.


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Hi all.

Some thoughts on the CTBUH and the BD.

I will use copy and paste direct quotes from the CTBUH site.

Height is measured from the level1 of the lowest, significant2 , open-air3, pedestrian4 entrance ...


1 Level: finished floor level at threshold of the lowest entrance door

2 Significant: the entrance should be predominantly above existing or pre-existing grade and permit access to one or more primary uses in the building via elevators, as opposed to ground floor retail or other uses which solely relate/connect to the immediately adjacent external environment. Thus entrances via below-grade sunken plazas or similar are not generally recognized. Also note that access to car park and/or ancillary/support areas are not considered significant entrances.

3 Open-air: the entrance must be located directly off of an external space at that level that is open to air.

4 Pedestrian: refers to common building users or occupants and is intended to exclude service, ancillary, or similar areas.

1 - As was figured previously the measurement will begin from the floor of the level.

2 - All of these criteria are met by the concourse level. The entrance is obviously above the existing grade. The pre-existing grade before the hole was dug is below the entrance also. I think I read somewhere it was approx 1 meter above the DMD (Dubai Municipal Datum) and this seems pretty close looking at how deep the excavation was, perhaps Altin knows this ? The top of the raft is 3.75 m. below the DMD. The concourse level floor is 9.25 m. above the raft or 5.5 m. above the DMD so we're safe to assume this criteria is met.

3 and 4 are both met for sure.

Pretty much guaranteed the concourse level will be included in the height adding 6.0 meters to all 3 official measures as compared to the plans.

The number of floors should include the ground floor level and be the number of main floors above ground, including any significant mezzanine floors and major mechanical plant floors. Mechanical mezzanines should not be included if they have a significantly smaller floor area than the major floors below nor should mechanical penthouses or plant rooms protruding above the general roof area. Note: CTBUH floor counts may differ from published accounts, as it is common in some regions of the world for certain floor levels not to be included (e.g. the level 4, 14, 24, etc in Hong Kong).

Highest occupied floor: this is intended to recognize conditioned space which is designed to be safely and legally occupied by residents, workers or other building users on a consistent basis. It does not include service or mechanical areas which experience occasional maintenance access, etc.

The highest occupied level and number of levels are not so clear going by this.

Whether the mezzanines will be included is a question mark. Level 154 will be included surely as it covers the entire area of the level below . Also it is named as a seperate level and only its use is shown as a mezzanine in the plans. Now 158M, 160M1, 160M2,and 160M3 are another matter on 2 fronts.

1 - These are mechanical mezzanines and do have a smaller floorprint than the level below. It will be up to the CTBUH to decide if the difference in size warrants including them.

2 - By looking at the wording there may be some room to include levels and/or mezzanines above level 154 in the official count. Level 154 is the highest level occupied by tennants but the wording includes occupied by workers on a consistant basis. This may allow levels up to 160M3 to be included in the official count and in the height to the highest occupied level measure.

The plans levels count of 162 already allows for the 4 skipped levels, includes the 6 mezz. levels (which it should IMO), and does not include the concourse.

The official count could be anywhere from 158 to 163.

The height to the highest occupied level could be anywhere from level 154 - 580.5 meters to level 160M3 - 630.1 meters (from the concourse and assuming they measure up to the floor of those levels which they probably do). I kinda doubt all of the mezzanines will be considered as occupied on a consistant basis but that remains to be seen.

When is a tall building considered to be “completed”?

A completed building can be considered such—and added to the “tallest” lists—if it fulfils all of the following three criteria:

1) topped out structurally and architecturally,

2) fully-clad,

3) open for business, or at least partially occupied

Number 3 of these criteria allows the official height to be recorded right after the soft opening. Good news IMO - I was wondering if they would wait untill the whole of the works was completed.

The developer Emaar is still confidential about the height of the building and we don't mind it being confidential. But if they open the Burj and don't release the height, then we will measure the height of the building. During construction it is fine, but after construction we want to know and our people want to know its final height.

I am kinda surprised by this. The developer could be incorrect somehow and overstate the height. There are any number of reasons for this. Something could have deviated from the plans by a half a meter, etc. I don't see this being the case as most companies are honest but it kinda takes away from the "official-ness" of it all. With all the secrecy around this project I'm sure the CTBUH will have to do their own measurement anyway.

My guess for the height to tip will be 824.6 meters. This makes an assumption on the beacon height and doesn't allow for any settling in case they don't actually measure. I hope the CTBUH does measure and I hope Emaar puts up a flagpole, lightning rod, or antenae to push this height up even further.


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Hi all.

The Universe is no longer tilted !!

The Burj Khalifa Height Claim is now officially ratified by the CTBUH !!

Woohoo !!!!!!

I got an email from the CTBUH yesterday with the details. I've been discussing with them, through emails, the finer points of the height claim for a few weeks now. I am happy to say in some small way I contributed to the process if in no other way but to keep Emaar honest. :)

The heights are measured from level B1 as it is the lowest open-air pedestrian entrance. Level B1 is technically a basement level but because it has an entrance to the office lobby via an escalator it fits the criteria. Also because there is a large hole in the concourse level podium above for the water feature that sits on level B1 to stick up through it fits the open-air criteria.

The plans measure from the floor of the ground level. Now that the CTBUH has given the OK to measure from level B1 we must add 6.00 for the concourse level and 4.00 for level B1. This adds 10.00 m. to the total height of each level, section, and tier. This is great as all the heights for each individual level, section, and tier remain the same as the plans.

The following in bold are the 3 measures the CTBUH recognizes.

Height to Tip

829.842 m.

This measures to the top of the lightning rod. I haven't seen any shots of said lightning rod yet but here is a shot from Imre showing where it may thread on to. It sticks up 1.842 meters above the top of the guardrail we see in the shot.


Top of the aircraft warning lights / Beacons.

828.73 m.

Cul and I have been estimating the top of the beacons at 0.6 above the guardrail. We were close but 0.73 is the official number - cool.

Height to Architectural Top

828.00 m.

This is the top of tier 30 - top of the pinnacle - top of the guardrail around the top platform. I posted some time ago on the evolution of my thoughts on where the arch. top is. Initially the last revision of the top platform had the floor at 818 (then) which was the top of tier 30. Then there was some talk of the difference between arch. top and height to tip being 2.0 meters so I was thinking the floor of the current top platform was the arch top and the top of the beacons was the height to tip with the guardrail being an extension of tier 30's pipe. Lastly a few weeks ago I mentioned here and to the CTBUH the guardrail is most likely it because the fins and their spacing are where they should be right up to the guardrail (if the guardrail was an extension the fin configuration would have to be altered from the plans)- nice to have confirmation.

Floor with the Hatch of the Top Platform

Approx. 826.6 m.

The guardrail is the top of tier 30 and the floor is welded down inside it by approx. 1.4 m.

Highest Occupied Floor

Level 154 - 584.50 m.

Altin - this number is correct. Level 154 as per the plans is at 574.50. There was some discussion of level 160 being recognized as the highest occupied level as it has the mosque (prayer room). The decision was obviously to go with 154 which is the highest level occupied by tenants. Well sort of tenants as 153 and 154 are reserved for the chairman of Emaar.

Observation Deck

Level 124 - 452.10 m.

The highest outdoor observation level in the world.


163 / 1 basement.

This one has an issue. Well - I have an issue with what the CTBUH has stated is the number. I emailed them yesterday on it. The plans have it at 162 / 3 lower levels :

- 160 less 4 skipped (41, 74, 110, and 137) plus 6 (Ground, 155 mezz., 158 mezz., 160 mezz. 1, 160 mezz. 2, and 160 mezz. 3) equals 162

- 3 lower levels - Concourse, B1, and B2. (there is an unused level below B2 that I call the raft level but it isn't counted)

1 - If the concourse is included we should have 163 / 2 basement.

2 - If level B1 is included then we should have164 / 1.

I am assuming all of the mezzanines fit the criteria to be included being the count is as high as it is. Of course there is another possibility - that one of the mezz's isn't counted and the concourse and B1 is. I don't think so for 2 reasons :

1 - All of the mezzanines have a smaller floorprint than the level below and are not tenant levels. I would think they would all fit the criteria or none would.

2 - Level B1 is technically a basement level even though it is included in the measurements.

I am leaning towards 163 / 2. I will post when I hear back from the CTBUH.

Here is a shot from Gerald I labelled to show the official ratified heights.


I will be working on my final version of my BK Plan in the next week. I will also be adding numbers to a huge labelled render now that I have the official ones. I will post a link to the zip once completed.

Ahhhh - I feel complete ... :lol:


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