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Greensboro Recommendations


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I'm new to Greensboro and was hoping to get some advice if possible. Does anyone have any recommendations for the following...

1. hair salon-good service, prices and creative staff

2. mechanic-trustworthy and knowledgeable

3. independent movie theaters-are there any that show "progressive" movies

4. bars/pubs where you can meet laid back people and have some good pub food

5. vegetarian restaurants-I've seen the one on Battleground but haven't tried it yet

Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi Markey welcome to Greensboro!:) I cant give you a hint on the bars. One good pub from what I here is M'Couls Public House located in downtown Greensboro near the corner of South Elm and McGee Streets. I think it has an Irish theme.

There arent any independent film theatres I can think of in Greensboro but I know over in Winston they show those films in the Stevens Center downtown I think.

Hope that helps

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There are a variety of hair salons in downtown. The best ones are on South Elm Street. Try the corner of Washington and Elm. Salon Blue, or further down across the railroad tracks there is Salon Medussa.There are also more, but I just don't remember the names.

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I can strongly reccomend Boba House on Tate street (by UNCG) for vegetarian. Right next door is a place called Lager Haus that does some suprisingly good (and a little bit different) pub fare. Service can be spotty, but food has been excellent the few times I've been. McCouls at Elm & McGee is one of my favs (if not THE fav), and Natty Greens right across the street, while not all that original, is local and consistently good. Red Oak on Friendly & Guilford College Road is another local brew pub that does their own beer. And not to be forgotten, is the Walker & Elam intersection, where you'll find a few bars including Fishbones, where you can grab a bite, a drink, and a good vibe.

Carousel Theatre on Battleground near Wendover has some some little luxury theatres in back that show smaller run films (Aristocrats, Squid & Whale), though nothing really indie. Might want to check with the colleges on that one. If you like classic cinema, Carolina Theatre (downtown on Greene St) is a neat place that runs old films from time to time.

You might also be interested in Triad Stage, which is downtown on Elm, and is a cool little venue to see live theatre.

If you're ever looking for CDs, there's an independent music store called BB's in Quaker Village (Friendly & Guilford College Road) that's a throwback to the days before music was purchased online or from people in identical blue polo shirts.

Probably more info than you were looking for, but as a relatively recent transplant myself (2 years), I figured it wouldn't hurt to share.

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