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Live Oaks Development


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Here is the rezoning siteplan for the Live Oaks redevelopment at the Southeast corner of Fairview and Sharon, behind the ugly Burger King.



I really like the siteplan a lot, as it helps to create a bit more of a grid with connectivity. I just wish they had been able to absorb that ugly BK, and connect into the Ghazi's complex next door.

I love that private development is now creating a bit of its own Hope VI program. They are rebuilding the complex as mixed-income and are giving assisted residents the educational tools they need to improve their lives.

I hope that the neighborhood's opposition with subside and the council will approve the plan.

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Yeah, they aren't very unique. But then again, this is a mixed income housing development. Not only must it be sensitive to construction and maintenance costs, but it must look as mainstream as possible to attract the market rate renters.

Those renderings might actually be old, though. In the rezoning meeting, they talked about how they have changed the plans to include more architectural articulation as a result of suggestions by the planning board. These look like they correspond to the 'before' siteplan, rather than the siteplan that included those suggestions.

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They also had to get rid of the traffic circle because the firetrucks couldn't make the sharp turn, so instead they have a pass-under, that you saw in the "after" site plan with the entrance on the back side of the building.

The architecture is pretty Charlotte-suburban bland, but overall siteplan is ok. It provides retail under residences, so I'm not going to complain too much.

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