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Springfield Underground

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This is truly one of the most amazing developments going on in this region. Springfield Underground is a limestone mining operation with a twist. The mining occurs 100 feet below ground and as the limestone is mined the space left is developed into underground manufacturing, distribution and storage facilities. 100 feet above on the surface is a planned development consisting of over 500 acres of undeveloped land on the northeast corner of US Highway 65 and Division St. This site has been approved for a planned development that includes both commercial, office and retail zoning.

Here's a snippet from the St. Louis Business Journal:

The area's biggest warehousing operation is Springfield Underground. It's part of an active limestone mining operation that leases its 2 million square feet of storage space to companies operating their own distribution centers.

"We used to be in the distribution business ourselves, but we no longer are," said Springfield Underground owner John Griesemer. "There are about 300 people working in the underground, and most of those are other companies' employees."

Griesemer declined to dislose revenue for the family owned company. He said nine firms or their subsidiaries lease space from Springfield Underground, at least seven of which are "Fortune 500-size." He said the facility is served by rail and truck.

Two St. Louis companies -- Graybar Electric and Buske Truck Lines -- have distribution centers in the underground.

Here are a couple pics of Springfield Underground and plans for both the underground facility and the above ground commercial development:


new tenant, Jarden Plastic Solutions, Inc.


underground facilities plan


above ground planned development

Check out their website here for a video clip and tons of information. What's even more amazing than this development is that slyder1 didn't post it. :D

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^I totally fogot about this one, thanks for posting that masonsdad1! I don't think there is anything like this anywhere in the midwest. There is also a big underground tunnel that goes from Central High School all the way to under the square in Downtown Springfield. I'll have to google it to find out more about it.

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Actually, Springfield Underground is not just warehouse space underground. There's some food manufacturing being done down there also. There's about 300 employees that work in the underground facilities. It's a hot development and companies all over the state are looking at it for distribution and storage facilities. The above ground development will be mostly manufacturing warehouses and offices/showrooms with a section devoted to highway commercial space (retail/office/restaurant). The development is expected to bring residential and mixed-use developments into the surrounding undeveloped land. It will be a major part of the city.

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