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With our own drawn buildings floating around in various posts, I thought there should be a post specifically for them. Any ideas for any kind of building that would look good in Richmond or personally designed for Richmond in mind, computer generated, "photoshopped" pics of the skyline, sketches, etc, could go here. I don't know if reposting them would be a problem so we'd have a little gallery.

I play around again and I doubt I could ever redo the first one, but here's my second attempt. I've noticed a lot of flaws but I couldn't correct them without starting over again and I didn't want to do that!


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I've been trying to make a cylindrical building in photoshop... I thought I had started... anyway I know how to make one.. just not make one look like a building yet.

And it's perfect Tommy.

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Thanks, Burt :D The finished product :thumbsup:


Im still woking on that cylinder, Coupe!

That looks like what I was going to do based on mile zero in Capitol Square.

Oh and I'm just moving this here... so I can find it better... a little late


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