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Downtown Memphis News & Developments (CBD, South Main, Riverfront, Medical District, The Edge, Uptown)


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Ok so all these projects have been announced and can mostly be found on the CCC's website, but for those at UP who are unaware of the HUGE amount of projects going on in the Downtown area, here is a summary. The Medical Center (adjacent to downtown) is really beginning to take off, as is the residential community in the southern half of downtown. Because of the numerous residential projects in the southend/south main district, I am only posting a handful of the projects in this area for now (those labeled in bold), and I will post the rest (and there are many) later on. Also, I did not include conversions of apartments into condos.

St. Jude expansions

addition of 5 new buildings

$500,000,000 (u/c):


UT Baptist Research Park

$450,000,000 (demolition underway, final completion 2016):


Le Bonheur Children's medical center expansion

includes 650,000 sf, 12 story tower

$300,000,000 (planning):


One Beale

27-story building (luxury hotel w/ condos on upper floors)

$250,000,000 (to be completed in 2008/2009):


Uptown Housing Infill

Mixed income housing including 500 single-family affordable homes

$150,000,000 (u/c)


The Horizon

Construction of two 16-story upscale condo towers, a 5-story parking garage, and a 4-story building containing 60 townhomes (350 total units).

$90,000,000 (2007):


State Place

Construction of 96 condos

$49,000,000 (almost complete):


The Vue on Main

28-story apartment building with 284 units, 412 new parking spaces, and 14,000sf of retail

$46,000,000 (2007):


Court Square Center

Renovation of historic 22-story building into 74 apartments and 39,000sf of retail

$43,000,000 (planning):


UT College of Pharmacy

new 200,000sf building to house UT College of Pharmacy

$43,000,000 (planning)


University of Memphis Law School

relocation of law school to downtown in historic Customs house

$42,000,000 (2009):



Renovation of historic 8-story building into 60 luxury condos

$40,000,000 (planning):


New Regional Medical Center Building

$37,000,000 (planning)


Westin Hotel and Lee's Landing

new 9-story, 220 room Westin and adjacent parking garage (530 places) with 14,000sf of retail

$30,000,000 (u/c):


67 Madison

Renovation of historic 12-story building to include 157 apartments and 18,000sf of retail/commercial space

$38,000,000 (planning):


Memphis Mental Health Institute

$28,000,000 (u/c)


Beale Street Landing

new docking facility including a 500-foot floating dock, a ticketing/operations building with a small restaurant, a river park that serves as a terminus to historic Beale Street, and a 150-car underground parking garage

$27,000,000 (2007):


UT Basic/Clinical Research Sciences Building

$22,000,000 (u/c):


Riverside 648

Renovation to existing building into 66 condos

$16,000,000 (u/c):


The 444

new 9-story building containing 42 condo units, 74 parking spaces, and 1000sf ground floor retail

$12,000,000 (planning):


Carolina Lofts

New building containing 12 townhomes

$12,000,000 (u/c):


The Nettleton

Renovation of existing building into 34 condos

$12,000,000 (planning):



New building containing 36 manhattan loft-style condos and 5,000sf groundfloor retail

$12,000,000 (u/c):


City Commons at South End

42 new condos divided into units of 6, includes parking garage

$10,000,000 (u/c):


Goodwyn Institute

Renovation of historic 18-story building into 26 condos

$9,000,000 (u/c):


Pinch Place

new 5-story building with 64 condos and 2500sf of retail space

$8,000,000 (planning):


456 Tennessee St.

New 7-story steel and glass building containing 26 condos and 6000sf of commercial space

$6,000,000 (planning):


Harbor Lights

new 4-story building with 24 luxury condos

$6,000,000 (u/c):


The Phoenix

new 4-story building with 8 condos and ground-floor retail

$2,000,000 (planning):


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Thanks for putting together such a great list. There is definately a lot going on in Memphis that many folks outside this forum don't know about yet. I have a feeling though, that soon enough Memphis will start getting more recognition for the progress it is making in regards to its various urban development projects.

I already have some of these listed on the Memphis development map which is in progress.

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Bluff thanks for posting all of these projects, it's great to see the renderings of some of these new buildings! My favorite design out of all of these is One Beale, I think that building will be beautiful when completed, and will complement its position on the bluff overlooking the harbor.

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I used to not like the winning design for Beale Street Landing...LOVE the rendering in this list, though...Hope it starts soon!

I agree. This latest rendering is amazing and almost sexy. With the older renderings the project seemed smaller and a little awkward, but now I am convinced this project is one of the most important developments in downtown. I wonder how this will tie in with One Beale across the street, should be interesting.

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Here's another list for downtown:

Total Number of Condominium Units Complete, Planned or Under Construction: 2,855

Prepared By:

Center City Commission

Updated March 2, 2006

New Upcoming Condos

Name Units

2 W GE Patterson 19

420 S Front 36

456 Tennessee 26

92-96 S Main 18

Front Bluff 34

Front Street Condos 12

Hoover Building 42

Hunt Phelan Phase 2 24

Machine Shop Condos 14

Metal Museum 30

Mirabella 60

One Beale 160

Pinch Place 64

River Crest 11

The 444 42

The ForeFront 26

The Horizon 350

The Nettleton 34

The Phoenix 8

Total 1010 Condos

Conversions In Progress

Name Units

River Tower 153

Shrine 75

The Lofts 115

The Residences 15

Total 358

Condos Under Construction

Name Units

130 Keel 6

496 S Main 3

648 Riverside 66

83 S Main 3

85-95 S Main 17

Carolina Lofts 72

City Commons 42

City House 36

Gardens of South Main 7

Goodwyn Institute 8

Harbor Lights 24

Main St Flats 36

State Place 204

The Lawrence Building 8

Total 532

Completed Condos

Name Units

378 S Main 8

415 Front 20

493 S Main 2

Ambassador 18

Barton Flats 20

Bellevue Terrace 16

Brodnax 2

Bryton Tower 124

Candy Factory 9

Central Station Lofts 24

Chickasaw Bluff 12

Claridge 158

DT Porter Condos 18

Fogelman YMCA 24

Front Row Condos 14

GE 5 5

Harbor Town Centre 4

Hayes Building 2

Hotline Lofts 15

Hunt Phelan 12

Paper Works 62

Portico 21


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  • 4 weeks later...

Wow, that looks cool.

And that's quite an impressive list you've got there. If I added right, which I'm sure I didn't, then there is at least 2,254,000,000 dollars worth of projects going on in Memphis. But I bet that the many more unlisted projects could bring that total even higher. I would definately say that Memphis is booming!

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Didn't hear they were gonna change the plans at all. The RDC's websites renderings shows fountains but not on cobblestones


Do you remember the project I'm talking about though? It was a special feature at the entrance of the cobblestones where it hits Union, I think. The sidewalks have been fixed up, just like the renderings, all nice and wide, but I don't recall anything happening at the entrance.

I think the Beale Street Landing fountain is different; someone forked over money for the Terry fountain, for it to be named after the dude. It was a beautiful rendering, I hope it still gets done, in addition to the Landing's water features.

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Well the other day while I was downtown, I stopped by the Horizon Sales Center. The scale model was very nice--the Horizon will be a robust 16 stories! They told me they plan to break ground in late August/September. They also seemed to have more knowledge about One Beale than they were willing to share. The only impression I could get was that One Beale will exceed the Horizon Towers when it comes to luxury.

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Well the other day while I was downtown, I stopped by the Horizon Sales Center. The scale model was very nice--the Horizon will be a robust 16 stories! They told me they plan to break ground in late August/September. They also seemed to have more knowledge about One Beale than they were willing to share. The only impression I could get was that One Beale will exceed the Horizon Towers when it comes to luxury.

I REALLY want to know what type of hotel is going to be at One Beale...part of me really thinks it could be a Four Seasons just because it would be similar to how the Four Seasons occupies a few floors of the Mandalay Bay in Vegas...but I guess any hotel could do that

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I plan on updating this list pretty soon. Obviously the Vue will be deleted, but a handful of new projects are yet to be included--the Suppy House Condos, the Cascade development, and the recently announced uptown high rise (still waiting for a design). I'm also anticipating some more One Beale renderings, revised and sharpened.

^... onebeale.com is getting an update, so hopefully some more details on the project will be coming soon.

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Here's an update of all the big projects going on Dowtown. I couldn't edit my original post, so here's a rundown of the changes that have occurred since the first list was made. Look for an updated list in the Southend projects' list as well (UP FORUM: Southend Developments).


Address: Union Avenue at Fourth Street

Description: Construction of an 8-story structure for mixed residential and commercial use; phase I will consist of approximately 500,000sf of condominiums that range in size from 800sf - 2000sf and approximately 93,000sf of ground floor retail/restaurant space; will also include a hotel

Cost/Status: $200,000,000 (planning)

Photo/Rendering: None. Speculation has the project landing a 250-room hotel and ground-floor grocery store. Touted as a new gateway to downtown. A high rise component has not been ruled out for this project...expected to break ground in spring/summer 2007.

Project: ONE BEALE (revised from original post)

Address: 245 Wagner Pl

Description: Construction of two mixed-use facilities that will include condominiums, a 4-star hotel, class A office space, retail, restaurants, and subterranean parking. Project will include 2 separate towers--one 30 story tower and one 27 story tower.

Cost/Status: $175,000,000 (planning--awaiting final approval from the city council)




Address: Market Avenue at Third Street (adjacent to St. Mary's Catholic Church)

Description: Construction of two buildings - one 28 stories tall - for mixed residential and commercial use; will include 240 residential units, approximately 12,570sf of retail space, and 2,087sf of restaurant space.

Cost/Status: $85,000,000 (planning--plans approved by LUCB but developers are yet to purchase the lot and bring the proposal before city council)




Address: 52 S Front St

Description: Construction of a 12-story residential building

Cost/Status: $10,000,000 (planning)



Project: VUE ON MAIN

Address: corner of Main and Gayoso

Description: 22-story apartment tower atop a 6-story parking garage.

Cost/Status: $55,000,000 (NEVER BUILT)

Note: Shortly after this project was scrapped (July 2006), the CCC issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) for the site. You can view the entire 28-page RFP by going here. The parking garage is a GO, and proposals for structures atop the garage will be submitted on November 16, 2006.

Rendering of the original concept:


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