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Hey folks!

How about a thread that discusses any respectable restaurants of A2. I've been here in Ann Arbor for a week now and I find it somewhat difficult to find a decent place to eat. It may be because I'm not that familiar with the area, but a little insight on where the hot-spots are would be helpful.

I wasn't aware of Zingerman's hype until I drove by on a Sunday and seen a line out the door that continued down the sidewalk. I stopped by later that day and found out what previous posts have stated- they're overpriced and average tasting. Although, as a marketplace they did have a nice selection of cheeses, meats, breads, olive oils, and other italian treats.

I've also tried the Kai Garden on South Main St. and again just average.

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Again I'll echo my posts and a few others. Zingerman's is a "good sandwich shop." But I always cut the hype because I didn't believe it would blow people away. Although the experience there is probably better than any sandwich shop I've been to. It's in a cool neighborhood, and it's got a great vibe to the place. No other deli can beat that, but it reminds me of this exact place in Glencoe, IL where as good as the sandwiches were, it doesn't justify a high price.

I try to avoid eating out a lot to save some money, but I do enjoy No Thai, Blue Nile, Amer's, Madras Masala, Grizzly Peak, Big Ten Burrito (now BTB), Rio Wraps and Palio. These are somewhat unique to Ann Arbor or SE Michigan and of course I also enjoy the major chains such as Noodles & Co, Mongolian BBQ, Potbelly, etc etc.

You might also find good food at a few bars such as Ashleys and the Brown Jug. I usually don't expect to find good food at a bar, but these places had a great menu and excellent food.

There's a bunch of others I've been to, but only a few visits. As I said, I haven't really been dissapointed, and I can also accept an average experience as maybe an off day for the restaurant.

This is my 6th college year in Ann Arbor, so I've seen quite a few come and go. There's several restaurants on main that I miss that no longer exist. That's part of dynamic nature of Ann Arbor I suppose. Always something new every year.

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