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I found this blog a couple months ago called "Left Behind at the Fishbowl." The Fishbowl is U of M's major computing center for Central Campus. Typically by the end of the day there are thousands of discarded class papers, emails, website printouts piled on the exit trays of the printers. They are usually picked up and dropped into recycling if not claimed by the day's end, but it appears someone, (who might work there) is sifting through the stack and selecting certain documents, and highlighting some of the most absurd one on his or her blog.

At first, I though it was pretty cruel, despite the fact that personal information is blurred out of the documents, but I realized what is posted, is indeed interesting and very funny at times. So you might want to check out the site for yourself. http://ahfb.blogspot.com/. Take some of the comments seriously though, as he does do a thorough job editing some very poorly written papers.

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It has picked up because we are getting more postings of construction progress.

So, I just had a late night snack at the Pita Kabob Grill, just one block from Plaza Tower on William. Excellent food, and very reasonable prices. The food is prepared quickly which is nice if you want a big meal, but are in kind of a rush. It got very high ratings too.

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^^ They have excellent Shwarmma pitas and the service is quite friendly.

Of course, I have found that to be true about most Mediterranean restaurants in town.

Of course I'm partial to Cottage Inn, especially Thursday nights when the Glee Club invades and takes over the basement and can be heard on the 2nd floor... at least we've been told as much.

There's also what appears to be a Mexican Restaurant going in next door. They've been working on the interior for some time now, and I'm looking forward to what comes out of it.

BTW. does anyone know anything about that really old building covered in vines between Pita Kabob and NYPD Pizza? The sign engraved into the facade looks like Mason symbology to me.

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I recently left the Republic of Ann Arbor for the distant shores of Chicago on tour.

We had a few hours in the city so I went off exploring on my own and took some pictures.

I hadn't been to Chicago since they built Millennium Park (yeah it's been a while!)

Thought I'd share.**



I really kind of like this particular development, i don't know why.




Franky G's Band Shell









New Trump Tower



I really like the Islamic influence in the architecture of this building


**If this is an improper place for this, would an administrator kindly let me know and I will find a more suitable audience for its content.

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I was browsing the university servers today and I came across some site plans for a proposed/studied parking structure on Wall Street. The project might include ground floor retail. Why? Because there is the Strathmore Development nearby and the university wants to reinforce the area as a neighborhood.

Another parking structure is being studied for Hayward Ave next to the new computer science building. There appears to be 3 variations in design, one of them would allow space for another building.

While for sometime it was rumored a parking structure would be going up behind the A&AB, this is not going to happen. The rumors happened after the university issued a survey to students whether they owned a car or not, or tried to park in lot NC-41, which is usually full, and the busiest lot on North Campus. There would be "improvements" but not a parking structure. NC-41 will have a reconfiguration of blue and red spots which would allow more parking for students and guests. A bank of red signs has already been added where a bank of blue signs used to be An additional credit card payment machine will be added to reduce waiting lines when students or guests arrive at the lot at once.

Other parking lots around North Campus will receive improvements as well such as reconstruction of the lots and elaborate landscaping.

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15 years after graduating from LSA, I'm comin' back to Ann Arbor for grad school. I can't wait! It's great looking at all the shots on here of the area. I've been able to give my wife a virtual tour via this site, and we're planning on coming out in the next couple of weeks to do a little house hunting. It feels a little funny to be reversing the flow (most of the students go from Ann Arbor to Chicago, and now I'm coming back from Chicago to Ann Arbor). I just hope that my memory of the town is accurate because if it is, I know this is going to be a wonderful three years!

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U-M Cardiovascular building had their grand opening the other day I guess.

Ashley Terrace must be very close to being topped out by now. 3 weeks ago, it was at the 6th floor. They were doing about a floor and a half per week. in steel and concrete.

North Quad has its site cleared and some excavation work has been moving along.

Observatory lodge renovation is nearing its end. Lots of nice brand new windows.

The Hill Cafeteria/MoJo renovation shows a visible reinforced concrete structure.

The Eye Care Expansion I'm guessing is still going through foundation work.

Mott Children's Hospital still has a lot of site clearing

Public Health New construction is complete, renovation of the older structure is still underway.

The last phase of the Walgreen Drama Center has its structural steel and concrete completed

The U of M Art expansion has a lot of foundation work complete

Baseball Stadiums are all ripped up.

Michigan Stadium is receiving new concrete seating

No clue on the business school.

No clue on several large apartment structures near South U.

No clue on Plymouth road high density commercial/residential development. One structure was nearing completion.

No clue on any development along Washtenaw.

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