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New Tools to Create Walkable Neighborhoods


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The City is adding new tools for creating walkable developments. One of the most interesting is now allowing for cottage courts. This is a big step which now gives developers and designers more options when creating new development. As we talked about before in the Encore debate, sometimes regulations prevent developers and designers from doing the right things. This seeks to fix some of the problems with the current subdivision regulations that did not encourage walkable neighborhoods and restricted tools used in other places.

CityPaper Article: New Walkable Neighborhood Sudivision Regulations

Link to Draft of Walkable Neighborhood SubRegs

With all of the new urban development and focus in the core of the city, I had fogotten about the fact that Nashville is considered or was considered one of the worst examples of suburban sprawl.

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I am glad to see that we are at least taking steps to have walkable areas of town. I dont think we have reached the point of no return and maybe with these initiatives we can reverse some of the problems we have created. They have a good start with the greenbelt work that has been going on and what is planned.

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