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Looking for Specific Skyline Picture


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Sorry if I overlooked it, I was on here quite a bit looking at pics of downtown Detroit during the superbowl. I looked through peoples flickr accounts, and didn't quite find it. I was looking for a shot of the entire skyline lit up, taken from Windsor.

June-20-2003-(01)-Detroit-S.jpg Something similar to this picture, only during the actual game, and where there isn't the gap effect between the buildings on the RenCen.

I found this next picture in someone's flickr account, it was either Allan's or Wolverine's I believe...


This appears that it was taken from Windsor, but I didn't see a full skyline shot in there.

If anyone has a picture of the entire skyline with the superbowl lighting, from Windsor, could you please post it here? Thanks.

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This one is nice too Michi, probably the closest to what I am looking for. Was it taken the same time as the other one? The overall lighting looks different but it could be because you were further away or something. Great Photos though!

Is it alright if I use one of your skyline shots in a banner that will be used on a website and forum, www.sportsinferno.com ? It is home to a Detroit Sports message board, hosted by Mike Valenti and Terry Foster of am 1270, although the website isn't directly affiliated to the station.

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Yah, sure you can use any of the photographs.

Also check here for some photos that might fit your purpose:


You'd have to check with Tony, but I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem with you using any of his photos, either.

Thanks Michi, some of those pics he has are amazing. I am going to try to make a couple different versions of the banner. I signed up on that forum so that I could email or PM tony, but I guess I dont have those privelages yet for some reason. Do you have permission to find out what his email is, I want to know it so I can ask him for permission to the photos.

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I've seen it lit around the top floor, but I have never seen lights on the tower

Actually your right. I was looking through my photos and I thought it was lit on the tower but it was just light hitting it from the lower floors. They really should light that thing up.

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Wow those are nice!

I think Detroit is getting there as far as being lit up. There was always the "save money wherever possible" factor, which usualy meant night lighting was axed.

Exterior spotlighting should be used more on some of Detroit's buildings, if building owners want to illuminate the skyline, but save money. By doing this, only several spotlights are needed, instead of turning on many floors of lights to make it look like the building is at least somewhat inhabited. Furthermore, it accenutates architectural detail, making the building look far more impressive. If anyone recalls a student project (?) in which a person places spotlights outside the Highland Park plant headquarters, you'd know how beautiful that place looked. You couldn't even tell it was abandoned.

I'm glad many cities in Michigan are returning to lighting up their buildings that are not in nightime use. I know after several buildings undergo renovations in Saginaw, many owners will turn exterior spotlighting back on. A lot of buildings in A2 are getting exterior lighting installed as well, and many leave their lights on at night.

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