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Favorite southern city


Which is your fav southern City ?  

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  1. 1. Pick your favorite southern City

    • Richmond
    • Norfolk/VB
    • Raleigh
    • Charlotte
    • Charleston
    • Columbia
    • Atlanta
    • Memphis
    • Nashville
    • Birmingham
    • Jackson, MS
    • New Orleans

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Originally I wanted to poll large cities all across the US to see how they all ranked compared to one another but since I can only list 15 per poll I will try to break it up into sections. In a few weeks or maybe longer, I will take the ending results and form one MEGA poll.

I am really looking for your picks of best cities based on first hand knowledge - you live/have lived there or traveled there quite a bit. Please give examples of why you picked your favorite city and anything else you wish to add.

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Atlanta's definitely my favorite (like you couldn't tell ;) ).

Based upon my experiences with other Southern Cities I have visited, I'd have to say Charleston would be my second favorite of the list you posted (Savannah actually is my second favorite, but you didn't post it).

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Atlanta is tops on this list. Raleigh is second, and Charlotte is third.

Atlanta: huge, nice (in most areas), fast-paced, growing, south's leader, exciting

Raleigh: A metro that offers the most suburban lifestyle of any metro in the south. Soccer moms should be proud.

Charlotte: fast-growing, nice, exciting growth trends, small enough to still enjoy all the positives with minimum negatives.

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Which city in the south is my favorite!?! That's like asking what zit to pop first, I think I'll just wait and see which one grows the biggest. But if I had to choose a top 2 it would be Austin, then Atlanta other than that to me it all pretty much looks and feels like the same pile of crap. That's pretty much the story anywhere in the "glorious no seriously we’ve got our act together this time new south". One can pretty much predict what the area will look like before you even make a first hand visit. Lets see There will be a series of strip malls (which are now called outlet or lifestyle centers), soccer moms/dads with softball, soccer, or "Bush Cheney 04" stickers on the back of their minivan/SUV (the "new south" version of the confederate flag), spoiled fat ass lazy kids, an undeserved sense of self worth because "I live in a mc mansion sub-division that took a whole 2 months to build better than you are", mentality. There will be conservative northerners who left the perils of the north because there were just too many liberals there and now we can be surrounded by our "own kind". There will be little supportive infrastructure and much traffic congestion. There will be "Nimrods" who speak about the latest national restaurant chain going up in there city like its a badge of honor, kinda like the kid who lives in the stix that constantly reminds you that "they just got there first Mc Donalds"!??? Oh and sprawl of everything ones heart could desire, Beautiful!

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I'm blessed and thrilled to live in my favorite Southern city. Life is rewarding to me everyday that I wake up here. What more could one ask for than true happiness in where you live? I'm definitely 100% happy every morning when I wake up that I'm in New Orleans.

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