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Atlanta Casino


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I think it's about time for Atlanta to shine, and get an casino

I'm sorry, I just don't like this idea. Casino's seem like desperate efforts to revitalize areas. When nothing else will work, throw in a casino. Hapeville, right next to the airport, should fair well in the next few decades because of the new shift in intown living. So why not aim alittle higher? Developers should turn it into a mixed use development with offices, residential and retail -- like Atlantic Station. Or something else. But not a casino.

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I certainly hope Atlanta NEVER gets a casino. Even more so not in that location. I will shoot off an email to every goverment official involved. I would also start a campaign against such a development if I ever catch wind of such a thing.

A hotel Casino like the ones in Las Vegas would be pretty nice. Maybe somewhere in Downtown Atlanta would be a better place, but certainly not out there in Hapeville.

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But there's no "law" that says that casino's belong in a particular place. Imagine an "urban" Bellagio in downtown.

I have to agree with everyone else - I don't think we should ever have casinos here. Besides, Hapeville is on the verge of a huge change for the better, and a casino is not compatible with what they're doing down there. Some local residents were on the news last night - all of them were totally opposed to the idea.

Not to cast any stones, but just look at the places outside of Vegas and A.C. that have urban casinos. They are typically not in the best shape compared to Atlanta. IMO the only form of gambling that would be a good match for Atlanta other than the lottery would be a world class horse racing park. I think that might fly in the right location. :shades:

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