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New development possible in Gulch


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In today's Tennessean.


This is the same property that had the proposed Plaza for the Arts. I think with Eakin behind this, we will something developed sooner rather than later. This is a key parcel of property. For those of you that are not real sure where is is then I will try and help. If you take the Demonbreun Street exit off of I-40 West and make a right, then it is the next property on the right where TDS tire is. This will tie into the Gulch very easily. Just remember there are plans on Demonbreun on the other side of the interstate where the Shoney's use to be. I think this is going to be a very hot area over the next several years.

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^ I agree to a degree with that. I mean nothing he has is a real, true looker, but give the guy credit for his enthusiasm and devotion to development in the CORE. To that, I tip my hat. Who knows, he may pull one out of his hat that is really nice.

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