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Lusail City


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Found this text while i was surfing around about Lusail City, Qatar.

The Lusail project, now an icon for the Qatari real estate and property development sector, covers an area of approximately 35 square kilometres. The Lusail site is bordered by the turquoise-blue waters of Qatar's coastline to the east, by the Ritz Carlton Hotel to the south, and by the Al Khor expressway to the west.

At Lusail, residents of Doha will find a desirable, well-planned waterfront community offering a unique lifestyle. For visitors of the Qatari capital, both regional and international, Lusail offers a home away from home, where they can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere.

For investors, Lusail offers numerous opportunities with excellent returns. Geographically, the project constitutes a milestone in plans for the efficient expansion and re-urbanization of Doha. Demographically, Lusail will help support the unprecedented growth in many sectors of the Qatari economy, including the oil and gas industry, finance, tourism and education.

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