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80 Floor Highrise for Doha


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There's a pretty big tower called the Dubai Towers under Construction in Doha.

The landmark mixed-use development will be an iconic addition to the skyline of Qatar's capital rising up to 80-storeys. It will offer high-end retail, state-of-the-art offices, a five-star hotel as well as top quality apartments. Covering a total of 2.35 million square feet, the development is due for completion in 2007.

The complex will house five functional areas: Hotel, Furnished Apartments, unfurnished Apartments, Offices and a Shopping Mall.

Retail Space will occupy floors 1 through 4. There will be 80 outlets for High end Retail in this project. No Tenants have been named yet, but the developers have mentioned that it will be top of the line retail.

Office Space will be located between floors 4 and 32. 95% of the offices will have a view of the sea as well.

The Hotel will cover floors 33 through 39. It will be a 5 star Hotel, but no specific brand has been released. It also will have 139 Rooms and Suites.

The Apartments will coves Floors 40 through 80. They will be serviced by a major a 5 star hotel brand. Around 95% of the apartments will have a view of the sea as well.

Construction has already started actually.

Here's a link to a construction webcam: Dubai Towers Webcam

Here's a rendering of what the finished product should look like:


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