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When you thought you heard all about Dubai, another project comes along:

Dubai Maritime City will be a 216-hectare manmade peninsula, and will create an iconic, multidimensional maritime center providing a unique world-class environment for the global maritime community.

The first development of its kind, Dubai Maritime City will provide a hub for six large and diverse sectors: marine marketing, management, services, recreation, education, ship design and manufacture.

Every element of infrastructure required by these sectors will be provided. At present reclamation work for DMC is being carried out and the Master Plan is being finalized. The project will be developed in phases.

Four distinct areas are planned within Dubai Maritime City. The commercial area will include a harbor, offices, banks, hotels, showrooms, support services, restaurants and leisure areas and a flexible exhibition site.

This will also include 22 Highrises, around 35 stories each.

DMC will support the iconic waterfront properties in Dubai such as the Palm Islands, and The World by providing berthing for yachts, a maritime mall and repair and maintenance facilities. The leisure area will provide recreational facilities and retail outlets. There will be a dedicated section for repair and maintenance with a dockyard, ship lifts, state of the art equipment, warehouses and workshops. Maritime education, research and development facilities will be located in the academy area.

Also, Dubai Maritime City has announced that it will house the first ever ship registry office in the Middle East aimed at a creating a significant boost to the maritime community in the region

The registry office will work in conjunction with the government in establishing the standards that ships will be required to maintain, which will coincide with international standards. The registry office will operate on an international level by accepting national and foreign ownership of vessels.

The ship registry keeps a record of all vessels registered under its flag with details of the owners and shareholders of the owning company, the ship's particulars, classification details, all statutory and international trading certificates.

An active ship register with a good support system will attract ship-owners to register their vessels under that particular flag. This will in turn attract ship managers, brokers, banks and ship-brokers and ship finance institutions and other maritime related players to the region, thus helping in the growth of the maritime industry locally.

Dubai already offers numerous advantages for those setting up their businesses here. Ship owners will be able to take advantage of these benefits, which will definitely give them an edge over ships registered in other flag states.

I think they really want to attract Cruise Ships to the area, to help with the Tourism industry. It something that is greatly needed and would be a great stop between Europe and Asia.

Here's some renderings:



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