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SHANGHAI [4] Drinks, Anyone?


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This 2-block complex of high-end restaurants, mostly lodged in refurbished traditional Shanghainese stone-frame housing, is the first phase of an urban renewal project covering 52 hectares that resulted in the relocation of 3,500 families. Busloads of domestic Chinese tourists traipse through in the evenings, Western visitors feel like they've never left home, and hip young Shanghainese flood here to enjoy the good life they feel they're due.

More photos : http://www.geocities.com/asiaglobe/gallery/shanghai-bar.htm




















Although the redevelopment work is quite nice, I'm not a big fan of these bar districts. This is Shanghai, and these bars make it no different than any other typical Western city. If the world will become so homogeneous then there really isn't an incentive to travel anymore.

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Nice shots again, thanks for continuing to post these pics for us. I do see your point but I think many large cities tend to have areas that have a different culture. Granted it's usually because of immigrants that have moved in and are trying to recreate a bit og their old home. I would think Shanghai will continue to remain a unique place despite this area.

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I love these pics. Shanghai certainly is one unique Chinese city! That architecture is nothing like what you'd find in most places throughout China. It looks more like London or Paris in some parts of those pics, but I guess that is what they were aiming for.

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It's interesting that they built something like this in Shanghai. Personally, I would have preferred the "run-down" neighborhood. Urban chinese neighborhoods have so much life and character.

When I was there in the late 90's, they had lots of these posh bars and cafes that catered to Westerners and their money. Just about every one was empty, but they charged so much that it only took something like two customers a night to make money. For Chinese, it's sort of a status symbol in going to these places. Spending what would be for a normal person a week's or month's salary in a night. There were bars and restaurants that were all foreign customers though.

Shanghai is a very expensive city if you try to make it like where you're from. It's very cheap though if you can bring yourself to actually change your lifestyle a little bit. So many of these places being open indicates that not many can.

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