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Hermitage Hotel does it again

it's just dave

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It's amazing to think that this little hotel at 6th and Union downtown has come so far. It's a beautiful place, if you haven't been check it out.


For the complete 2005 list:


The hotel:


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Cool! Now...what the HELL is up with those beotchs over at Mobil? For chrissake, WHAT does it take to get a 5 star rating? Hell, what does it take to get a FOUR star rating? The Hermitage deserves AT LEAST four stars, as do a couple other Nashville hotels in my opinion...but there is no Nashville hotel that has more than three stars. Same goes for Memphis. Even the Peabody and the Madison have no more than three stars. Actually, in most of the south there are hardly any four or five star hotels. What's the deal? Could the service and decor of every hotel south of the imaginary line that separates the south from the north REALLY be lower quality than their northern counterparts? Or is it anti-south bias on Mobil's part?

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^ Glad you like the forum. We have a good and growing core group of forumers that are very dedicated to finding out about, reporting, and discussing urban developments on their areas and/or from around the state, and that definatley makes the forum an interesting and busy place most of the time.

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