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Bristol West End over half sold


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According to the NBJ, the Bristol West End is 60% sold and the Bristol on Broadway is 90% sold. This is good news and we will probably see more developments going up. With the wait list for Adelicia at over 200, it looks as if we have not come close to saturation in the condo market in Nashville. With these numbers the Signature has a much better chance of going up sooner than later.


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According to their web site now, The Bristol now only has 4 units left. I am blown away with all the units that are selling out before completion. The Church St. Lofts only 3 left. Ave. of the Arts are over half sold. Adelicia 40 % sold. Viridian 100 % sold. And the list goes on. When will we get to the saturation point in the urban core.

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When Dave and myself went draiving around after the forum meet Saturday, we stopped at the sales office for the Bristol West End and talked to the sales agent there. She told us that there were only 3 units left! They're selling like hotcakes. She said they're gearing up fast to start selling the Icon, and the initial reponse has been amazing. She also said that the 5th and Main project was already nearly sold out.

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