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Simply fantastic! Thanks for posting these great pics. The NE angled skyline shots from from the East Nashville were superb. Were did you find to take those shots from? It looks like your taking them from atop a structure, is that the case?

Have any plans to head down to Memphis for pics? I think you would find it a good city to put your skills to work in.

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Great pics!! My favorite is the locomotive with Bellsouth in the background. I'm not a fan of the BS building, but this pic says so much about the city I love: A speeding train crosses the river (although you can't actually see it) into a busy city on the rise while the Salvation Army lights up the early evening sky. Sorry for the cheap poetry.

Also, I never noticed how much the BS building looks like a church from one angle and devilish (with horns) from another. I've always thought it was creepy looking and rather juvenile in design, but I'm forming a newfound opinion of it (it may turn out to be a good one).

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