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What Southern cities have you come to appreciate


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Houston - I never realized it had such a skyline density. I concede it is slightly better than Atlanta's (VERY slghtly :thumbsup: )

Miami - more of a boomtown than I imagined.


Nashville -Starting to wake up to compete a bit.

Charlotte - I gripe about their basing everything of a couple of buildings but I really don't believe that. It is very progressive and Nashville could take a few lessons from them (and I believe Nashville IS learning).

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I have been a city fanatic ever since I would visit relatives in NJ. Cruising 95 north every summer made me research and I have always looked at maps and atlases to see city boundaries. I have a good knowledge of all southeast cities and virginia cites but I would say Birmingham has spiked my intrest. I passed through there once and would like to go again. I learned so much about the city on UP. I did not know that its population was so large in its glory days. Plus it does help that I was an aspiring architectural major in college before I switched to environmental engineering. Well that didn't work out but I still got to travel the world and see 2 world cities first hand and a few others that opened my eyes. Now I am here in vegas and I can say this. Southeastern sprawl isn't as bad as you think....... ;)

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For whatever reason Charlotte has really been able to seal the deal with d'town development, Nashville could learn alot.

Memphis has a very impressive urban infrastructure and great density.

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I'd definitely like to take credit for being the first Arkansan on this board :-D (except for that guy who was banned a few months before I came)

I used to frequent skyscrapercity....but they got rid of search forums...which were my only way to read anything about Arkansas!

So i left.............................. and here we are, several months later.... with our very own hustling and bustling Arkansas forum, gaining new members almost every week.

(Note: I'm not trying to take credit for it!)

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