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Memphis - Downtown from a different view

Rural King

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Here are some old pics from atop the Peabody from a nice hot sunny summer day.

Note: This is pre-digital camera, so the shots will not look the same as some of my more recent photo threads on Memphis and Nashville. There will also not be the quantity as is the case with digital camera threads.

The NBC Tower...to me this building just shouts out Memphis for some reason. Probably since growing up its one of the towers I always associated with the city.


Memphis Business Journal


100 North Main, First Tennessee, and the Sterick Building.


Eh a so so shot. Any lower I would have had a obstruction, so I was trying to minimize its role in the picture.


Street shot leading down to the river.


Autozone Park


Eh another so so shot.


Peabody Tower - some nice density in the shot as well.


FedEx Forum still under construction with a long ways to go.



These pictures are from a trip to Memphis on a cool overcast winter's day a year or so later.

AutoZone Park


First Tennessee and the Sterick Building.


A wider shot, that includes 100 North Main.


Lincoln American with the old NBC (now Suntrust) in the foreground.


Should of lowered the shot a little, but the top of the buildings was the objective. I miss the old NBC logo!! ;)


FedEx Forum - Now completed and in use.



Well thats all for now. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. Feedback is welcomed.

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Thanks for the pics. You inspired me to drag out some old unposted pics of South Main and post them.

I especially liked the AutoZone one where you can see Baptist Hospital in the background.

You ought to get down there and get pics of the demolition which is scheduled for Nov. 6--I think. Check on that, because it wouldn't be cool if you were a day late! lol :blink:

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