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D'Cache about to come down (Nashville)


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I spoke to a man from Metro Schools and they were doing an inspection to see how safe it was to tear down the purple D'Cache building behind Hume Fogg. He said the gymnasium will start as soon as the demolition takes place. The white building on 8th Ave. North stays. He said the demolition may start as soon as next week.

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You know what amazes me?

How the heck did a strip club and bar get zoning to allow them to locate next to a High School?

From what I understand that property has been a bar/strip club longer than there has been a law on the books that prohibits an alcohol/stripping related business from being near a school or church so it was grandfathered in. However, when Classic Cat was still located there they eventually succumbed to pressure to relocate away from the school.

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Maybe I had it wrong...all my google searches for the D'Cache on 8th bring up information on a noe defunct dancing club. Salsa, mambo...are mentioned, nothing on a strip club. Was there a strip club before the dance club?

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