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Arkwright | New Supermarket?

GSP Tiger

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Having watched WSPA tonight, a major regional supermarket chain will open a store in the Arkwright/southside area along South Church Street.

It is no surprise a supermarket has not been in this area. In recent years, sketchy neighborhoods, crime, and lack of iniative to improve surroundings made it unsafe and scared off people and businesses from moving in. Hoping this area cleans up its image and revitalizes itself as an extension of Renaissance Park, good things may happen.

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According to the report, two chains are in the running. Bi-Lo, Ingle's, and Publix are the most logical choices.

If the size of the supermarket is 65,000 square feet, it will most likely be an Ingle's. Usually, Ingle's builds only a few stores a year.

Publix's stores are usually high end. I doubt they build nice stores in sketchy areas. Noting a possible revitalization and one store currently in Spartanburg, a second Publix would be okay.

Bi-Lo would be a great fit. They are well known in the area.

Whatever goes in, I hope it has the necessary amenities: bakery, delicatessen, floral, meat, pharmacy, seafood, etc.

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I have to sets of logic on this one-

1- It will be Bi-Lo. The current Southside Bi-Lo is rather skanky, and if it were to move it would open up the Southside market for a new store. Or- this is the new store the the Southside has been waiting for. But Arkwright is awful far south to me.

2- It will not be Bi-Lo. There is a Bi-Lo just up 295 in Cedar Springs. That might be too close for another Bi-Lo. Ingles is not much further away, but it seems more likely that Ingles would get it.

I would much rather see a Bi Lo go in there. I like their stores better.

Somehow I doubt that Publix will move into Arkwright.

Another thing to look out for is the closing of two Winn-Dixies, one in Cedar Springs, and the other on Reidville Rd. I am not certain if this one store is supposed to replace those two, but it would make sense to fill at least the one on Reidville in addition to this new store.

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When they interviewed councilman Reeder, he said he couldn't understand why a major chain wouldn't move in to the area, so that leads me to believe that it will not be Ingles, Publix or Bi-Lo.  i wouldn't be surprised to see maybe a Food Lion, or Piggly Wiggly, but even those are larger chains.


I wonder why Councilman Reeder was thinking no one would move into the area. Obviously it has been a haven for crime, rift raft, sketchy people, and everything bad for years. That will not attract businesses to the community.

A major chain would not move into the area until now. Someone is moving in, and it will be probably be Ingle's or Bi-Lo in some form.

I know it will not be Piggly Wiggly and Food Lion. Piggly Wiggly gave up on Spartaburg a decade ago. They had the potential to expand to Greenville and Anderson. Food Lion ignores the upstate. They have stores in Gaffney, Greenwood, and Laurens, but not in Anderson, Greenville, and Spartanburg. It would be a great market for them.

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