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Theories on smart city development


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Would love to see a dedicated topic around theories promoting smarter development in Greenville.  Lots of quality channels on YouTube.  Just watched these two from a channel in Amsterdam and thought forum members here would enjoy them. 


The Lively & Liveable Neighbourhoods that are Illegal in Most of North America


Why We Won't Raise Our Kids in Suburbia (and moved to the Netherlands instead)



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Local community to make long-term and permanent sacrifices in the name of protecting developers short-term profits. Get ready for more traffic and loss of  quality of life thanks to "leaders" who seek to help the few over the many and the future generations.


Instead of repealing Article 3.1 wholesale because it is "too vague" the objectors must bring specific changes they want and debate that. Not just lot size, but road and environmental requirements for development. It's too easy to say "repeal!" and not come up with objectively supported plans to address the complaints.

Otherwise, this is clearly a naked attempt to cater to developers at the cost of traffic, poor planning, and plant the seeds of additional sprawl of Atlanta proportions. Watch them try to blame the litigation costs for the repeal.

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The only way to solve this is to build more high rises with condos and apartments downtown. :D 

And why in the world is an almost 90 year old man county council chairman??? :blink: The dude probably won’t even be alive in a few years. Get somebody young who’s future actually matters in there. 

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