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The Bend (Former Alstom Site) Chattanooga; 112 Acres and $2B+ Investment

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I'm going to re-post in this topic some of the News about the Bend I've posted elsewhere. This is a major project and deserves to have its own topic where news about recent events can be posted and immediately sourced.

I'll start with some of the older slides and include the most recent news.










And as I was about to think this project might be struggling to get off the ground, they started teasing with some unusual renderings. It looks like several low-rise apartment buildings may start construction soon. From the Instagram site.




So, maybe, just maybe it is starting to rise.


Bend title card.jpg

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Great pics Pete, and thanks for getting this started.  First time I've seen some of those. I didn't realize that the canal will run under the frame of the old Alstom building. I was a skeptic when this was announced a few years ago, but seeing how downtown is thriving, I think it's only realistic to expect downtown to expand in that direction.  I heard recently that the first 10-story office building would be starting soon, but nothing since then (september '22). 

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The Kenco complext on Riverside (east of downtown) on the TN River, is slated for a huge apartment development.

From TFP:  https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2023/mar/08/545-apartments-planned-chattanooga-riverfront-tfp/ 

- 30-acre parcel at 2001 Riverside Drive that is home to Kenco Logistics headquarters

- Site could hold 545 apartments in several buildings rising up to five stories high

- Augusta, Georgia-based Southeastern Development is seeking a zoning change in April for the land from manufacturing to commercial

- Two buildings closest to the waterfront would go up in the project's first phase

- A larger building to the west would rise in a second phase

- Kenco is expected to remain in its offices

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