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Norfolk Southen rail line through the West End: light rail?

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I notice that the Norfolk Southern rail line through the West End is lightly used: just a train or two in the mornings and maybe a train in the evenings.

This is the rail line that parallels Augusta Road and goes by the baseball stadium. It connects with the Norfolk Southern main line further towards the Amtrak station.

First, is there a set schedule of trains on this line?  Are the trains on this line just short local freight trains?  I've never seen one, as far as I can recall; I just hear them.

Second, other cities have "heritage" trolleys.  Charlotte, for example, had one.  How about adding a "heritage" trolley through the West End and perhaps between downtown and Augusta Road?  It may take building more track, but how do you think it would do, at least as a tourist attraction and business generator?

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It seems to me that the existing track doesn't connect the areas current tourism focus, and doesn't go far enough into central Augusta Road - it soon curves into a parallel path several blocks off the main part of Augusta Road.    So there would be much light rail to add to make it an attractive travel path.


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