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Happy Hour/Meet Up


Happy Hour/Meet Up  

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  1. 1. Would you be interested in a Richmond Happy Hour or meet up somewhere?

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    • Thats creepy I only socialize online.

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I just made a post talking about how difficult it can be to have a true conversation online. Our tone and intention can be lost so easily, and people have the opportunity to say things without dealing with the immediate consequences of other peoples response. Would people be interested in actually getting together to TALK about developments in the Richmond area? I believe this would lead to much more constructive conversation than the bickering that ends up happening here

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I would love to anytime I have the opportunity to id much rather have a face to face conversation then over the Internet heck i hate texting to a certain degree because certain things can be taken out of context or someone may feel like it’s taken a way that they think but is not true. I would think a lot more constructive dialogue could come out of this honestly.



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8 minutes ago, Shakman said:

As long as it's on a weekend.  Some of us no longer live within metro Richmond.

I second that.  Also if it’s after August, I won’t be able to go since I’ll be temporarily working in Florida, then getting deployed.  It sounds fun though.  Perhaps we can do a walking tour of downtown too...even ride the Pulse. 

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