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Proliferation of High Rises Across Charlotte / TOD-O


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I participated in the recent City of Charlotte UDO Summit and wanted to know how we can promote the spread of High Rise Construction outside of the CBD?  Take for instance the Midtown High Rise proposal (NAI) of up to 299' that's within proximity to the Gold Line Streetcar that has met fierce resistance.  I  for one support the Transit Oriented District designation within 1/2 Mile radius of a Transit stop instead of the 1/4 Mile (that it currently is) because Higher Density and Building Heights would be permitted and encouraged inherently and without time consuming Rezonings.

One thing I'd like to see is Development policies enacted by the City to promote the growth and densification (including taller permitted building heights) of Charlottes Major Neighborhoods.  For example Southpark and Ballantyne have a good mix of taller buildings in their Commercial areas (and could probably support more) but University City (misnomer) and Steele Creek do not.  I'd like to see these areas develop better density and mixed uses/building heights - sort of like having their own downtown areas.  Hopefully we can coax the UDO Process to permit more of this by right in the areas that are appropriate and can support it.

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