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Day/Night Drone Footage of Downtown


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1 hour ago, joeDowntown said:

That is great footage. Every time I talk to someone visiting from outside Grand Rapids, they’re amazed at how nice Grand Rapids is (minus the cold weather, maybe). 


x2 The older i get, the less I like the cold. Otherwise I'm always glad to return to GR and proud to be from here.

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5 hours ago, organsnyder said:

The part by the hospital made me especially nervous; pretty sure they were right in the middle of Aero Med airspace.

Even if you have the FAA license, which many drone operators do not, you're not supposed to fly over 400 feet without filing a flight path with the airport. Many of those shots are above the top of Riverhouse. 

It also gets pretty darn close to the S-curve which could have startled or distracted drivers. Drones constantly lose GPS bearings and get out of control. Plus there's the "line-of-sight" where you're not allowed to fly a drone where you can't see it with your eyes. Flying over people, flying over private property that low without permission, yada yada yada. #getoffmylawn :)

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