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I want....


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Since the discussion has lulled a bit, my attempt to restart conversation.


I want the Grand River's banks softened with more active uses oriented to it. I also want the whitewater rapids course to be built. 


What do you want downtown?

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Bike racks situated in eyes-on locations. Most of them are positioned to be "out of the way" and thus subject to snatch & grab events. (Don't use the racks at the main entrance to the DT library. Use the one on the parking lot side.)

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I could go on forever, but here are just a few:


- I want to see CWD present plans to the city, and break ground on their hotel project.

- I want to see a major tenant announced for a new mid or high rise building on the Houseman block on Ottawa.

- I want to know why the Lyon Square project, which was supposed to be the first of many placemaking spots downtown, has not happened.

- I was to see the Chew apartment project at Fulton and Sheldon breakground.

- I want the Ellis lot between Monroe Center and Pearl be developed into a Arcade (like Nickels in Ann Arbor)

- I want the parking lot at Fifth Third Center, not to be a parking lot.

- I want to see power station along the river in Monroe North be removed, and the property from I-196 to 6th be developed with offices, apartments, and retail.

- I want to see the pathway developed between Crescent Park and DeVos Place

- I want the triangle parking lot at Fulton/Louis/Ionia to be developed.

- I want Gilmore to move forward on his Bobville project

- I want to see plans move forward for development between St Mary's and the Cathedral.

- I want to see an Italian store (G.B. Russo/PA Macaroni Co) to move into the Downtown Market.

- I want to finally see a brewery annouced for the market.

- I want the Amway property at Fulton and Market developed.

- I want the big stone wall of the government center removed, and a "Nate Umstead plan" implemented.

- I want the PO out, and Olds Manor put to use.

- I want the I -196 bridge over the Grand River replaced with an iconic bridge structure.

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I want to see what MSU has planned for Michigan St. and North Monroe in general

I want the Arena South plan to move forward with vigor


mpChicago covered a lot of my wants as well. :) Good thinking on the iconic I96 bridge. I'd love to see some modern suspension bridge structure over the river (no, I don't think Expressways will go away). Might as well make it look good.



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Something I don't often see mentioned: I want to see a concerted effort to bury all power and communications lines in the city. This wouldn't be for reliability purposes (it's my understanding that the jury is out as to whether there is an improvement there), but for aesthetics. My neighborhood has the power lines running in the middle of the blocks, and the aesthetic improvement from the street is striking.

This would be quite expensive, so it'd have to be accomplished over time. Perhaps the city could require Consumers, Comcast, AT&T, etc. to charge a 1% surcharge to their customers to fund ongoing burial work, in addition to requiring all new lines to be buried.

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Mmm... I want the Keeler Building converted into a senior-living complex with a pharmacy on the ground floor and a rooftop garden for the residents. No parking spaces required! 


I 2nd the idea of a GB Russo's in the Downtown Market. If Kingma's is still for sale, would make for an equally nice alternative. 

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