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Lee Vista Promenade (formerly known as The Current)


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This article was mentioned in passing in another thread:






I used to live around the corner from this location prior to the Great Recession when they broke ground on the Super Target parking lot and started clearing pads for the other buildings.


I still feel this incredibly pedestrian un-friendly type of shopping plaza isn't the best idea, but this type of shopping is really needed in this part of town.  The closest mega-plex movies are miles away out in Waterford Lakes.  The nearest Target stores are Waterford and SoDo, neither being especially handy.  The number of restaurants in this area is growing rapidly and having more food choices is seldom a bad idea.


I like the idea of being able to shop in your local area, if you live near there (sadly, I don't anymore) and I love the idea of giving tourists who rent cars more options.  It has always seemed insane to me that the first thing people see when they leave the airport was several hotels & car rental places with very little else.  There wasn't anywhere to buy fresh food, to order prepared food, to shop for things you forgot to bring, anything to do without traveling much farther from your base, or to fuel up your vehicle without paying $5,000,000 a gallon without heading several miles away.


The best part is that WaWa fixed the gas, the new fast food & sit-down restaurants are fixing that, Target knocks out the fresh food and the oops supplies, this will knock out entertainment and add even more food.


Seems like a big win for this part of town.

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This project is discussed in the OBJ article that was posted regarding the Fashion Sq. Mall project.




Looks like they are seriously trying to get this off the ground.  I think it will be a great addition to that area of town.

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A Cheddar's and a Road house equals booming? Sheesh.





If it were simply a Cheddar's and a Texas Road House, sure.  I'd see your point, but my comment was "booming with all sorts of new food options" and I absolutely mean more than a Cheddar's and a Texas Road House.  Have you been down there recently?  In the last several years, they have added a ton of stuff.








5 Guys


Jersey Mike's


The two you mentioned.


They converted the Bennegins to a Sonny's BBQ


There are a dozen or two older places still down there like:




TGI Friday's



Panda Express

Ale House

Tony Roma's



Cracker Barrel




Spicy Thai

China Kitchen



Taco Bell

Firehouse Subs





I didn't say they were fancy or whatever you might possibly be implying about the demographics, but I did say "all sorts" and I firmly believe that.  You can also note that the article I linked above says that this project would put at least 7 more restaurants into that mix.


I'm not sure why you'd poo-poo something like this project. 

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I forgot about those.  I've been to the Chuy's on 192 a couple of times.  It was pretty good.  Went to the Zaxby's over by Millenia and didn't care for it at all.  Regardless, that area is getting a lot of food and could use a few shopping/entertainment options.  A cinema and a retail center would be a nice FURTHER step for that part of town.



Now... if we could just get some sort of rail from the airport to Altamonte or downtown running along 436... THAT is a "sheesh" level dream.

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That area would certainly support a target. Remember, the Vista Lakes subdivisions are right down Vista Lakes Blvd as well as the tens of apartment complexes and the northernmost neighborhoods of Lake Nona. Many people in the area end up going to the Waterford Lakes Target (which everyone dreads) or the Hunters Creek Target (which everyone pays tolls for on the 417) and both are a bit of a drive for everyone. If this doesn't work out, then Target should look into Narcoossee just south of the 528.

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As someone who used to live there, I'm trying to figure out what demographic I was in that was too poor for a Target. 


There is a lot down there and a lot more coming.  One of the largest apartment (upper-middle tier price point) complexes in Florida is under construction down there.  Things popping up left and right.  It's not a ghetto or barren wasteland.

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