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Happy Monday. all.


After this weekend's meeting at Provence which, in my opinion, had a spectacular turnout of new friends and old, I was approached by our dear leader Ron (smeagolsfree) regarding moderation of the board. I understood the reasons why and agreed, so here I am. 


So what does this mean for you? Nothing, really - as we are a tight-knit board without a lot of drama. I am flexible on rules and I do read everything - so don't break them. Flexing, good. Breaking, bad. I am also big on common sense, so if your tangent doesn't end after a few posts - I will probably move it and notify you.


I will also be working on maintaining more of the photography when I can, and get back to the root of my user name. Ron will continue to update the development map, and everything should be good there.


That said, remember to tell your urbanite friends to follow us on Twitter @NashUrbanPlanet - and let's keep this thing going. I am impressed, after several years here, with the amount of recent growth we have seen not just here on the forum, but at the monthly meetings as well. Thank you all and I look forward to the new position here...



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Hello All,


I just wanted to let all of you guys know that I am no longer going to be moderating on the site due to some major health issues I am facing. I want you all to know it has been a pleasure to moderate here and I will still be posting as much as I can. Please give Daniel the support he deserves. I know Daniel is very capable of handling the moderating on the board. We do not have a lot of issues here of which the thanks goes to all of you. I also want to thank Kevin UTgrad09 who also said that he would moderate, but I think Neo just wanted to go with one at this time. A big thanks goes to Tim May who will still be around too, but he has some major time constraints at this point in his life as well.


The board has come a long way since I first started posting and then the bubble burst and traffic on the board was very light. I did not want to see things go dead on this board as it has in a number of boards on the UP site.


I will try and keep you guys posted on as much as I can. I do find a lot of little tidbits out there and I usually fed to info to William first as a matter of courtesy to him. Also many thanks go out to William and John for being there for me when I need the help. You guys don't be so hard on John as he is probably the most passionate of all of us here as far as the built environment goes.



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Guest 5th & Main Urbanite

Congrats Daniel! I moderated for almost 2 years I think? Not sure, I enjoyed it, but it was not for me is why I resigned, but I know you like Ron and Timmay143 will do well.  Anyway, good luck with it. You will do fine! Thanks for the accolades Ron!


Godspeed to Ron in recovering from his health issues. I know as a group we wish him the best and a speedy recovery.





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