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A lot has been going on in Taylors lately.  Taylors First Baptist Church has started a group called Taylors Town Square that meets monthly for the purpose of building a sense of community in Taylors. (http://taylorstownsquare.com/ has meeting notes.)  Out of that, we've seen a renewed push for a park at the historic Chick Springs site, grants of right-of-ways for a trail from Chick Springs to Cody Burns Park, and a monthly community cleanup day.  We've also seen a group of about 20 artists locate their studios in the former Southern Bleachery Mill.


Now Taylors has an opportunity to work with the Greenville County Planning and Code Compliance Division to create a community plan for Taylors.  This would help businesses see how they can fit in our community, and it would help the planning office make recommendations to the zoning board if/when zoning changes are requested.  To make it successfully match the community's wishes takes a lot of input from the community.

At this stage, I am working with the planning office to schedule a meeting to discuss the scheduling, planning process, and content of the plan.  I want to maximize community involvement from the beginning, so I'm looking for input on when to meet.  If you are interested in being involved, please contact me at rogerwh at gmail dot com by June 30.  Thanks.

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Meeting announcement:


Please join us on Tuesday, July 16, at 7pm at the Taylors First Baptist Church Ministry Center (formerly the Taylors post office) as we meet with Greenville County Planning to discuss creating a community plan for Taylors.  The meeting will cover the scheduling, planning process, and content of a Taylors Community Plan.  Please invite your neighbors.

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I work for Taylors First Baptist Church and publish content to the http://taylorstownsquare.com blog.

  • The Taylors Mill is really coming back to life this days with a cowork type space called Work Group opening in June.
  • Along with work group, several Food Trucks are looking at the Mill for possible prep area space
  • I am working on a trail plan project with County Rec to put a trail from the Taylors Mill to the Cory Burns park

These things are more are coming on!  Check out the taylorstownsquare blog for the latest!

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New Co-work coming to Taylors: http://taylorstownsquare.com/post/86325414389/article-co-works-on-the-rise-in-upstate


"The vacant, sprawling 817,000-square-foot mill complex tucked behind 72 acres of trees is hidden from view of its Taylors neighbors.


In some rooms, dozens of buckets line the floor to catch water dripping from the ceiling. In others, walls are being built between concrete columns. Patrick McInerney sees the potential.

“We have this incredible structure, the history. You can just feel it as you walk through the hallways. It’s something that can’t be recreated,” said McInerney, who has co-founded a new co-work space for artists called Wrk Grp. “That’s the thought with Wrk Grp, that people who make, do, create want to do that with inspiration surrounding them"

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