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Nashville’s Latest Hit? The City Itself


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Since I'm not too familiar with this forum, forgive me if this was posted elsewhere (I was looking for a local headlines thread but failed to find it) Just wanted to give a shout out about the great piece on today's home page of the NY Times about Nashville. It's a great piece. Congratulations!



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Another great profile of our favorite city in the WaPo...



“I just love Nashville. There’s something about this place,” she said. “The music, well, it’s not just that. This town has a wonderful creative energy.”
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I found a site that lists 20 of the worlds notable skylines. It includes Nashville of course, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this. I have no idea what the selection criteria is, but I have to agree with Nashville's choice after driving across the KVB/Gateway Bridge tonight with all the buildings reflecting off the river.

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Another great PR 'piece' from a future Commodore.



"I had heard wonderful things about Nashville, but I could not have imagined how much I would love this place. There are plenty of interesting things to do, and I could sense the vibrant culture when I visited.

Growing up in New York, it is sometimes easy to forget that there is a world beyond the five boroughs. Even some of the airport restaurants in Nashville featured live country music, driving home the fact that this is Music City.

The people were also incredibly nice; strangers on the street would say hello. It was my first time experiencing Southern hospitality!"

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