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Where in the world are you?


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Brickell, you live pretty close to my old place in South Miami. Here's my place in the Miami sprawl...


Here's my current home in the Orlando sprawl.


Extreme close-up using Microsoft:


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wow. oviedo is bad.

it's really taken off in the last 10 years.  when i lived there it was still considered a rural city.


Oviedo's growing like crazy, mostly to the south and east of this pic (further away from Orlando). My neighborhood is actually one of the oldest (from the 70's) and largest in Oviedo. It's surprisingly walkable/bikeable as far as neighborhood services (.75 miles from my house is: Publix, Blockbuster, Dry Cleaners, 2 Chinese rest., 2 Ital. rest., like 8 more chain restaurants, day cares, vet, Radio Shack, GNC, a gym, and a bunch of other places I don't frequent). Of course, when it comes to everything else (jobs, heavy shopping), a car is quite necessary. I still consider it pseudo-rural, as the new development really isn't infill towards Orlando, but rather exurb-growth on the other side of town. Of course, that will certainly changed now that 434 has been widened from 1 lane to 3 in one fell swoop...

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I am here. My apartment is still under construction in the photo. I really do hate living in sprawl. Fortunately, the freeway on the right side of the photo allows me to be in the Detroit city limits within two minutes, and downtown in 10-15 minutes (depending on how many mph over the speed limit I drive).

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