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Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport


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What's up dude! How have you been? I agree that their marketing strategy sucks. They need to do alot more marketing. I see ORF signs on the pennisula but don't see anything for the NNWI airport anywhere.

I tried to contact them via the web address listed on their site. I wrote what I thought was a polite little note stating that they could, in my (and probably everyone else's) opinion, do a lot more with their web site. I mentioned that everyone was excited over the increase in numbers for both passengers and flights. I asked if maybe they could simply give us an update or news release every other week, not much to ask..right? You know, use the web site as a marketing tool as well as a source of information concerning the status and future of the airport. :huh:

Sadly, though not surprisingly, I have not received any form of reply. Not even the obligatory "Thanks for your interest, Blah Blah" reply. :( Just makes me more than a little pissed. Can't believe that they would under utilize a tool with so much potential like a good web site? Lame! :angry:

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Airport receives grant to expand

Construction on an additional six gates will begin once the contract is awarded.

From the Daily Press

"The grant award means the Peninsula Airport Commission can begin construction on the expansion project for one of the fastest-growing airports in the country." ;)

If I read the article right the contract should be awarded soon with construction starting shortly after, finishing by Fall 2009.

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NN/Williamsburg International Airport traffic rose 6 percent in July

From the Daily Press

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport saw its July traffic rise 6 percent from the year before to 115,525 passengers. :thumbsup:

Found this artist render of the new concourse. Construction should either be underway or will start soon.


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Southwest has decided to discontinue AirTran service to Newport News next year: http://insidebiz.com...ut-newport-news

This news is very unfortunate, but I am optimistic that, once the economy turns around, Newport News International Airport (I guess they'll be more of a municipal airport soon enough) will get a new airline or two. Maybe other airlines will follow Frontier Airlines' lead and connect the region to the west coast and other cities not currently served by Norfolk.

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