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Article Posting policy

First of all, i would like to welcome all of the new members we have to this site. It is exciting to see how this place has grown by leaps and bounds. That being said there are important rules governing the manner in which articles can be posted on this site. Please click on the above link and look over the policy. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a pm. For some time now i have simply edited the offending post and hunted down the link. As this site grows, this is becoming a cumbersome process (this is not the only part of the forum i help to moderate) and i am going to have to discontinue this practice. After this week any post found in violation of the copyright rules will be deleted, and a pm sent to the author of the post explaining why. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but it is a rule of the site and i will not risk losing the space provided us for the discussion of HR development.

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So we can't post anything about an article anymore can we?


Unfortunately, it looks as though the most we can post now is a link to said article with a comment stating the relevant point. For example, say that Granby Tower was increased to 40 stories. You would state this and then you would post a link to the article. You could also then include a small quote from the article if you wish. What we can't do is continue the practice of posting the top portion of the article and then linking to it without comment. I'm gonna have to put a grandfather clause with this one. Anything posted before today is fine. There is simply no way for me to go back and edit every post, it's not feasible. I'm going to give people about a week to get used to this before i really start enforcing it in earnest. I realize that this is a major departure from the way we normally conduct business so it's gonna take time for everyone (including myself) to get used to this change. That being said, i'd really appreciate if everyone cooperates with the new policy.

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I've noticed that many of the new members to this site are still in the validating process.

Please remember to respond to your confirmation email or your account will not be activated. Also, yahoo and hotmail accounts will no longer be accepted for registration. This change will not have an effect on those who have already signed up with either of the aforementioned accounts.

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