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  1. LU is single-handedly keeping the blue glass industry afloat.
  2. Looking like it might be Jeff Jackson if his district gets redrawn the way it probably will.
  3. It's really pretty incredible that all these files are now public knowledge when they're almost certainly not supposed to be. Unless... does the fact it's a Cary city project mean the RFQs must be made public? Either way it's a pretty crazy new information dump.
  4. But how will people know it's a tall tower if it doesn't have vertical stripes running the whole length of it?
  5. The new SouthPark one is doing it at least. It's awesome, you can sit on their covered patio and just order from your phone. Every table has a unique QR so the servers know where to bring stuff, and then you just settle up on your phone after. So easy.
  6. 4001 Yancy is a real gem and it's good for kids too. Surprisingly very good food.
  7. Did they ever even release renderings for the one they're building now?
  8. Be cooler if it was an actual swimming pool. Do any cities do legit wading pools anymore like they used to?
  9. I do still think Uptown is pretty safe overall. Like I said, I wouldn't feel worried taking my kids to a parade or a sporting event or even just walking around after dark. But I'm not feeling good about being with them in a big group of people like the fireworks, it just feels like a recipe for, at the very least, some panic and chaos.
  10. Only a personal anecdote, but I don't feel super safe taking my young kids Uptown at night anymore. I'd probably do a nighttime parade since it's more spread out along Tryon, but I wouldn't want to be with them in a crowded place like Romare Bearden. During the day with them or at night by myself, yes. But not at night with them. I hate to feel this way because I'm a huge believer in cities and their contribution to society, but that's where I am right now.
  11. SouthPark will be fine, if you don't like seeing "those people" that go there, just don't go.
  12. Yeah, they really NAILED that late postmodernism look. Granted, it was a short-lived style that was out of trend 20 years ago, but they nailed it.
  13. I love that they leave the stadium open during the day for people to just hang out in, and that's a really great playground there too. Wish the downtown area had better restaurants, I feel like it's really only missing that part.
  14. That's extremely good company to be in, and possibly the only time we'd get compared to some of those cities.
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